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  1. Can't wait til i can play this mod, scripts like this is what makes you an amazing modder. You always go above and beyond with stuff to make it more immersive and unique while keeping it fun. It's insane how much you can push this game, It wouldn't have been possible either without everyone else that's worked on the mod too. good luck on the rest and don't overwork yourself.
  2. here is one trick to unlock every mission, you will have to do it one by one but it won't take long, when you are in a mission type "fairz" then press ctrl + shift + f7, this will skip the mission, unlock it, and give you 100%. If Fairz doesn't work try fairy.
  3. I think it may have been Manhattan 2.0 but i''m still not quite sure
  4. Thanks!, man you respond fast I appreciate the work!
  5. Do you know if it is possible to skip doing the default missions?
  6. Will you be able to play the missions with other mods in this version?
  7. Juts reinstall. I'm sure after you reinstall you can change the screen res again, sometimes if you change things the game stops loading but it's only happened to me twice.
  8. Man that map is nice! For the fire different fire stuff I think people on the DE forums have tried some different stuff and might be willing to help.
  9. Wow this is a really good. That red really goes well with all of the engines. The only question I have is what the box truck on the top right is.
  10. Hello. this site, the DE forums, and emergency 4 resources host mods as well as a discord called Emergency 4 central that hosts mods like west falls, here are some mods in development. I will also put mods getting updated. Project Nostalgia 80s update Miami Dade update LA 3.0 units submod Northview county 2.5 Alaska mod (On Emergency 4 resources) Em3 missions converted to em4 Boston Remastered Montana 3.0 Horry county South Carolina (Em4 central discord) Logi Valley (Em4 central discord) A Hill street blues update possibly depending on when they get back to it. EdgeWater I'll update the message if I remember more
  11. wow, that is a very nice map! good job!
  12. Bug report: The bomb robot does not seem to spawn in sometimes (noticed it more near the corners of the map) and they also keep my bomb squad guy from moving (I also can't remove the invisible robot) (Also ignore that exploded helicopter, the "car on fire" helicopter incident totally didn't happen again ) (Images taken in 2 different spots,)
  13. I already know I'm going to use this way too much. Nice job.
  14. Nice. Can't wait for more updates when you are done with vacation,
  15. I remember seeing a fix to this. But I can't find it. To narrow down your search, if I remember correctly, it should be in em4 config. Which would be located in your em4 folder.
  16. I never realized that, I usually have music off so I'll have to turn it on when playing.
  17. When you test this in-game, are you using the map that you used to place the events in the editor?
  18. Most of the stuff in the config are just more in depth versions of the options such as shadows and stuff, but it also contains stuff like screen resolution and how far the camera can go in and out.
  19. Glad you had a backup. Looking forward to the next update.
  20. I think it might be a deluxe version only thing.
  21. It happens to me too, I think (I'm not good at modding so I could be very wrong) that the getaway car does not have a path.
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