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  1. So, I'm a newbie and I downloaded EM4 Deluxe so i can play around with the mods and stuff. That didn't work out too well. i tried looking at a modding tutorial and installing one of the mods. It was "West Falls Township" or something, I think. Then when I went to the Modifications tab in EM4, it freezes. Just stops. It refuses to respond, and when I move the mouse, it stops responding and crashes. After a couple times, i gave up and deleted the mod from the Mods Folder and tried to play endless normally. The UI disappeared, and nothing loaded. The dispatcher's voice and eveythign was heard, and I could see the map, but none of the UI loaded either. I have tried deleting and reinstalling steam as a whole since Steam wants to retain these issues and it doesn't fix if I just uninstall and renistall EM4. My EM4 is not a pirated version, bought it off of Steam, and my specs are CPU- AMD Ryzen 7 5000 GPU - NVIDIA GEFORCE RTZ Refresh rate: 144Hz
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