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  1. Start by reskinning units. Take any mod and open up the .png or .dds files of the vehicles and repaint them.
  2. Here's the "mystery ambulance" that we've narrowed down to being a 1993 model. Ambulance box model and texture by Hoppah. Econoline cutaway model by MikeyPI. MX7000 lightbar made by MikeyPIand Hoppah.
  3. The doors on the green ladder come from the red ladder. You will need to make a copy of the model for the red doors and reassign them to the texture for the green doors. After that, make the prototypes needed for the green doors and then assign them to the green ladder.
  4. Angels mod is private and was never released. The VHS video had the actors in "RA 69" which was a real vehicle, however one thing threw me off: the "RESCUE" decals on the body which are usually found on 800 series BLS ambulances. For sake of gameplay balance, I've made that rig but as BLS ambulance 862 instead.
  5. Let's just try to keep this on topic. If you have ideas for a mod of your own country, I'd appreciate if you started a thread. I'd like to see those vehicles in a mod, hopefully. In the meantime I will be posting more progress of any new vehicles that I put together. I have a few script concepts I'd like to try out as well. Stay tuned.
  6. No, just a normal one with unusual lights. Initially all I had was one little photo Now I have three.
  7. Here's a treat for you guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yUONLY9t9w A kid's show did a tour through LASD. Based on everything, this must have been right on 1991 or early 1992. I know that all of the concepts shown are dumbed down for children but I hope this gets you 30 minutes or so of entertainment. Also I can confirm that the "mystery LAFD ambo" has been found, and I will be including it among the 90s ambulances in the mod.
  8. Deluxe version only. The original 911FR and normal Em4 do not have the code to properly display or spawn the deluxe callouts.
  9. Sheriff SEB is being put into the submod properly this time. This is the only vehicle planned. Aerohawk lightbar by EmC Unit and rihis, edit by me. Also I nearly forgot. huge thanks to @AgentSmith6 for providing the reference imagery needed to get this vehicle made. Another update I missed is that deluxe events have been implemented into the submod. I didn't include them all though; the radioactive cloud, hail and bird flu callouts are super unrealistic. The sabatouer callout is even worse; the game can literally "destroy" the control panels and other invisible/dummy vehic
  10. I am aware of MP uses, so the MP vehicle spawners have the same command. You can switch 90s/80s in the MP vehicle spawners and get the loadouts you want.
  11. Demo of 80s and 90s spawner script. Be mindful that vehicles will no longer be spawned in for you; you have to do that yourself.
  12. Of course. If I ever shut the mod down, I would tell everyone.
  13. Once upon a time, Chevrolet Malibus were cop cars, and actually pretty decent. Aerodynic lightbar by EmC-Unit and rihis, with 44 inch edit by me.
  14. I appreciate the suggestion LASD didn't have a Ramcharger, CHP had an older one than this which I won't make.
  15. Another new member to the family, an LAPD Ramcharger. The story behind how we came to find out about this vehicle and create it is quite insane, and all a matter of luck and being around the right people. I'll probably post about it in the future. Aerodynic lightbar by Rihis and EmC-Unit
  16. Stan has been notified.
  17. For some people, changing this line to 0 in em4.cfg makes their game improve a little bit better.
  18. Another pair of assets done. Lightbars by EmC-Unit and rihis.
  19. You're in the wrong thread. Please read where you're posting next time.
  20. The first of the older LASD cars are in. Lightbars by EmC Unit and rihis.
  21. No it wont have any of the can lights because LAPD phased them out by 1980.
  22. Yes. LAPD's very first full lightbar, the Aerodynic, is already featured in the mod prominently. It has been posted numerous times now.
  23. Already taken care of. Got another two made. Expect this to appear prominently as LASD and LAPD.
  24. 1975-1977 LAFD BLS RA has been made. Here it is side by side with it's slightly newer cousin.
  25. Got no plans on making the old Macks. Too much work. I might reconsider by next year. Got another BLS RA done. Will be doing an even older version later.
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