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  1. Discovered recently that LAFD did not have a USAR squad until 1990. I will have to work something out with replacing USAR in the 80s spawn set. I have also been made aware that people are reuploading the mod's scripts and posting them on other sites and forums without my permission. The least you can do is ask. Next time, please PM me before doing that stuff.
  2. Another 2 RA's to the fleet; An ALS version of the 1992 Type 2, and another variant to the Chevies. I look forward to showing off the BLS versions soon. Credit to MikeyPI for the Econoline van, and Hoppah for the Code3 XL lightbar texture. My second agenda is this ambulance. I would like to consult with people here regarding whether it should be included or not. Only one picture of it exists, and it looks very off-spec to all other LAFD RA's, but it might be worth it to some players.
  3. LAFD wasn't even running ambulances when they stopped with hearse style ambos. https://www.facebook.com/Los-Angeles-Fire-Department-Historical-Society-199703903548872 Tons of information is provided by the LAFD historical society. They know way more than I do. Private ambulance companies such as McCormick did use them till the 70s based on some photos found there. I have no plans on implementing them as they are too old for the scope of the mod.
  4. Introducing three new ALS RA's for the 1980s start spawn. There will be more variations of RA's coming besides these. Credit to Hoppah for the Code3 XL lightbar texture.
  5. Tillers in. Credit to Hoppah for the wooden ladder models. Someday in the future, I will see how to require a tillerman for these vehicles.
  6. That's a bug with the LA mod in general, Hoppah even said he doesn't know how to fix it. Me personally, I don't know either. I might do some fooling around and release a fixed script so that all LA based submods have this thing patched out.
  7. As of today, the vehicle variant switcher works on the new vehicles, except for the ones that have no secondary variants of course. I have also worked out the script implementation for stations and these vehicles. The rest of today's work is sirens: I have been researching hard to find out vintage FedSig sirens, and I think I have it narrowed down. The vintage rigs will be running these sirens: The PA20 2B lower pitched, PA20 2E (already in the mod) and then the PA200 siren tones that are also in the Montana Mod.
  8. The Van Pelt engine is done. All the other classic fire engines have been assigned with unit numbers and decals too. I have also added rear seats to the 1980-1990 open back Seagraves. Credits to Hoppah for the hoses, deck gun and hydrant splitter.
  9. It took over a month but they're here. Van Pelt engine and vintage Seagrave tillers coming soon. Credits to Hoppah for some of the parts like hose beds, suction hose and crosslays.
  10. Please post the authors/credits for that model, and any content that you include in this submod.
  11. I don't think LAFD used Mars brand lighting. It was all Federal Signal IIRC. These closed top units were outfitted with 72 inch Aerodynic lightbars, in the usual spec that you expect them.
  12. Some LAFD open-top apparatus have custom made fiberglass roofs like this. These were added around the early 80s to the early 90s. Should I make one variant for some of them that have roofs like this, or should the update be all open top vehicles in order to get that true old school look?
  13. 1980 to 1990 models, yes. <<<<<<--------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>> Here's all the work I was able to get in today. I'll get to the Ward's hopefully. Some parts here are by Hoppah from the original LA mod.
  14. Em4 is a strange bitch. After making that post, I had an unusual experience. Myself and some friends encountered the same file error no matter what we did. A friend bought me 911FR off Steam for me and it worked for us through that. We tested again using the exact same files but with me on Em4 Deluxe, and it broke. However, one of the other users also was on Em4 Deluxe and did not have problems, so because of that, I can only recommend trying out multiple versions of the game.
  15. Every single one of these is a little bit different. You have a choice to switch between each depending on whether it is a paramedic engine, a 200 series engine, or a station-digit engine. Credits to Hoppah for the hose parts, deck guns and other miscellaneous details. Once the classic open top fire engines are implemented, the fire engine count should reach 20.
  16. Three new vehicles that aren't just patrol cars. That's a second 90s style coroner's van variation, not the same as the previous one in the mod right now. The beige van is an 80s coroner's van. I might implement a clone in another color just to give some more variation. Ford Econoline model by MikeyPI.
  17. Yes because the mod installer does not work on pirated copies.
  18. More updates to the vehicles. Some of the fire engine parts are by Hoppah such as the crosslays, hose beds and hard suction hose models.
  19. Please don't ask for release dates. It is against site rules/TOS.
  20. You might be getting a PM soon. For everybody else including those who are lurking, thanks for all the love and support for the update. Got another one in and it's LAFD's 1982 Spartan-Van Pelt engine. The Ward Lafrance is also being worked on.
  21. Updates on the engines. There will be 2 versions of the Seagrave, 3 on the Crown. I'll be getting to the Wards later today. There will only be one vintage Seagrave tiller. No plans on the Crown tiller due to a lack of reference photos.
  22. 2 open cab fire engines cabs have been setup. I'll be doing the rears soon. The triforce is complete; Crown, Seagrave and Ward.
  23. Did you include the units that you want to spawn in? Be sure you also added "22" to the units.xml list of missions on the freeplay section.
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