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  1. Alrighty, I wanna just add my 2 cents real quick. No Offense to this message, But why are we all picking a fight over modifcations" meant for a game? I get we all trying to get a point across but what is this going to prove at end of the day?
  2. Thank you ItchBoy You're the best!! No worries
  3. Username Change - [S55-15] Nick
  4. Oooh alright. Thanks. I had to make sure i wasn't loosing my mind lol.
  5. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this but on the DVFD Rescue on both sides of the cab it says Command on it, But The only thing that is fine is the Rescue 1 on the front. DVFD Rescue Cab Error
  6. The Fairbanks Alaska Modification is schedule to be released on November 24th per EM4 Resources Discord.
  7. It has been made clear to me that the community of EESG, has changed very much. Same People. But we remodeled everything, members how we do things, Not so strict at all. But we are type " Realistic" While in game.
  8. This community is very bad. 1. Bans their members for fixing the role of the discord, evem tho had owner permissions. 2. If it was up to me i would of shut it down, due them having private mods and giving them out to everyone on discord. 3. I think everything speaks for it self if you ask. I just have a simple request to the mods and admins on here can you like close the thread or remove the persons account from here, due of the natuure of what is going on. 4. And not to mention their is a thing called the COPPA law and thats not in affect in there either, Since the age is at 13.
  9. What we offer * Realistic run cards and radio traffic * SOP's and Protocols * Realistic Fire, EMS and Dispatcher Training Requirements: - Must have Teamspeak 3 - Must have a working microphone - Must be mature and respect everyone - Must be able to follow orders (Chain of Command) - Must be active in the clan - Must speak clear english teamspeak ip is: Will be using all different kinds of mods within the community. No Application needed to join
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