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  1. This mod is definitely a favorite of mine, the northeast vibe is executed perfectly. I may have something that could be used for the EMS MCU I previously posted pictures in the project nostalgia thread but I also have this archive page on the rig, Since it's a fictional setting It could fit well. https://web.archive.org/web/20180325194619/http://www.crownisking.org/cuambo.html
  2. I've seen a couple full size dodge and chevy trucks for USFS but they were either service rigs, normal pickups without a light bar, or were classified as a light engine. I do have a FB group I'd reccomend if you'd like to see more vintage USFS info. It has alot of info on other 80s and 90s engines and non emergency vehicles. https://facebook.com/groups/366971211187437/ (Edit) also have a few LAPD misc photos I'd like to share, pretty sure a few of these are service vehicles but I cannot confirm.
  3. I had an idea that might make that truck possible, as far as I can gather this rig was used for safely disposing of illegal fireworks so perhaps a call like that could work. I know RTD was brought up awhile ago and I have found some photos of vehicles if anyone is interested
  4. I stumbled across these 3 photo's on flickr I'm sure many will find these interesting. One is dillon FD in the 50s, the other two look to be the same picture one says late 70s while the other says 1990s so I'm not exactly sure which is the correct date.
  5. I have another rig similar to these, manufactured by Walter yankee in 1976 it is one of the smaller ARFF rigs LA had. It first served at station 80 and later ended up at 90 at Van Nuys Airport in the 80s.
  6. The Broncos were vehicles made for the show, as far as I know in the 80s they used only the blazer and jimmy SUVs.
  7. I don't know if the mack tankers ever made it to the 70s considering those are late 40s rigs if memory serves, The others (GMC, Oshkosh) I have no idea whether or not those were in service in the late 70s or 80s. I did find a GMC on film in a video on one of the worst wildfires in California history. (Shows up in a brief few second long shot) I also found something that might interest those who like older LAPD equipment, a mobile command or communications truck photographed in 1973. Looks like the tractor itself is a ford commercial cab much like the 1972 ALF rigs that LAFD ordered in 1972. Also found this photo of the bomb sqaud van that carries the bomb robot.
  8. I have a few photos to share, first one is a photo of a early 80s USFS utility which seems to be a series 9 chevy luv, this photo was taken somewhere in socal. Last few photos are of LASDs ESD units which some people might find interesting, and a photo CHP Plymouth trailduster which I haven't found any other information on other than what is provided there.
  9. The modeling always amazes me good job on all 3 of those units. I can see the brush truck fitting well with all the other 80s style apparatus. Also wondering what is the story behind that LAPD vehicle, it looks like a k20 and somewhat similar to the blazers but I haven't seen that one before.
  10. Haven't been able to find much interesting to share recently, I do have one photo of a Canopy WLF with a interesting light to the front grill and a additional light on the canopy itself. If there is anything you need additional reference for feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can find.
  11. That engine isn't in the version that is currently available for download, it'll probably be in another update in the future once EMC deems it ready.
  12. Maybe the Pontiac LeMans should get an open topped variant; all jokes aside all of those vehicles look really good, excellent work. If you ever need reference for trailers, especially unique versions, I do have some photos of some trailers from railroad owned TOFC rosters, a few of those would fit nicely (most of which are fruehauf Z-vans iirc). I have a photo for archival purposes, A strange LA county rig that was white, likely picked up like this in a annexation of a smaller department. (Note the crown badge on the side of the cab)
  13. The oldest thing my local volunteer department had in service up until a few years ago was a 1950 military surplus dodge brush truck, it was in service with the department up until 2020. I could see alot of volunteer companies keeping trucks that old and small around for brush fires.
  14. I have not tried dispatching the private ambulances on standby or patrol, but it'll still purchase another ambulance even if you have none of the original four deployed on the map.
  15. I have some interesting LASD/CHP photos to share. First is a interesting LASD caprice followed by a few shots of LASD Blazers For CHP I have a single photo of a full white Ramcharger and GMC Jimmy The GMC doesn't have much info on it but is claimed to be a legit CHP used vehicle. I can't confirm that it was though the only 4x4s that I've seen alot of photos of are the ramchargers and 90s model broncos. http://www.policecarwebsite.net/fc/capdcars/chp/chp2.html I came across this site which has some good photos.
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