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  1. Looking forward to seeing FDNY units once some are completed. The current units shown look really good so far. This one's gonna be one of my favorites for sure.
  2. I like the look of that second crown. I've seen a few photos of open cabs using that federal signal light bar before they received canopies. I think FC86 had one prior to it's retirement in 01 or 02, that crown never received a canopy like the other two foam units.
  3. Hoping everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving is having a good Thanksgiving. This recently popped up on the LAFDHS Facebook page and I figured I should share it since this rig hasn't been photographed since the late 90s or early 2000s. One of the two crown tillers has re-emerged completely restored. here's the link to the post itself fro anyone interested. https://www.facebook.com/story.php/?id=100069150967916&story_fbid=654886276826399
  4. Considering it's a movie there's a possibility it isn't a prototypical vehicle and is instead a movie car but considering that it has the usual lighting and markings it is hard to tell. LAFD did have some unmarked units for arson. They also had a few marked ones aswell.
  5. I remember seeing this awhile back. I believe they had two of these.
  6. I may have another suggestion for a truck asset if you potentially need anymore ideas. the Mack R would be a good addition as a semi or a dump truck as a civilian vehicle and for the future in other mods since I've seen alot of Mack Rs used by emergency services. If you don't mind me asking what is the truck underneath the MR based off of? It kinda reminds me of GMC and fords of the 90s but I can't find what it is exactly.
  7. It was one of the first things that came to mind when I saw it. It'll be interesting seeing that rig amongst the other FD units. especially in tandem with the DVFD ladder truck.
  8. Another new vehicle showing up. Might be a bit too modern for the feel of the mod but DVFD has their own command pickup now.
  9. Looking good. Could see those being good in other retro modifications for playable units. The third photo down kinda reminds me of the tractor used on FDNY CR3 although I'm fairly certain it's not the same model truck.
  10. I've been searching for a while but I've found a decent full-sized pickup for the USFS patrol/utility for the 1980s. Not an actual pickup bed like the 90s unit but as far as I've seen most of the older pickups had rear bodys like this. If you have any plans on adding some more USFS rigs into the mod I may be able to help with reference. I found a group while back that has a ton of photos of the old Chevy and GMC engines along with some others and even the Unimogs that the USFS had. (Update:) I found this photo which was interesting enough that I figured I'd tack it onto the post. Doesn't show anything new that isn't in my other post on this private EMS company.
  11. Looking good, pretty surprised that the amount of civilian vehicles is that high. Although once the models start populating the map then it really will show why that many is needed.
  12. I have noticed that a few things have changed or are changing with the real life departments. One big one is allegedly DVFD has put in a an order for a Pierce Saber. The lima ambulance I posted was delivered during 2016. Figured I'd mention it as it might be helpful. I wasn't expecting to have anything new to show yet but I ended up finding some more photos. Going to start with BEMS where I have photos of the 4th ambulance for them. Which seems to be similar to the newer ford in the lineup. (Compared the plates of both photos since you can't see the unit number from the rear.) There's also this shot I found which is the only one I've seen to the angled high enough to where you see the top of the units on scene. Not sure of which ambulances are on scene. Next I have some BCSO photos including something I found very interesting. Ram 2500. Different spec Ram 1500. Chevrolet Silverado. This is the interesting one, not quite sure what model other than a smaller chevy pickup (maybe a colorado) and that it's fairly new. And the overall look is definitely a departure from the original. (Update:) not a very big update, just three photos of the older beaverhead brush rig. Unfortunately I don't have a shot of the rear. Seems like that rig lasted up until 2020 as it shows up very briefly in the 2020 labor day parade video, And it's a very clear shot of that right side as opposed to the other photo. Rig shows up around the 1:17 mark.
  13. I just remembered that I never posted the actual link to the news site that I've found has a good amount of reference material. This site is where I found the two photos of the rear of the Beaverhead fire district #2 brush truck and the macks. Some other photos in there might be helpful I've not had a lot of time to comb through to see what all there is but there's probably something I've missed. https://www.southwesternmontananews.com/ Also found this photo on another news site (it's a subscription-based site so I wasn't able to look for anything else) If I recall correctly this ambulance is different from the other Lima ambulance that is present in the mod. (Update) I found a photo of the other side which is alot clearer. There is also a rear shot which I'll just link the facebook post as to not insert too many photos. https://www.facebook.com/1722793417988257/photos/a.1722820237985575/1901136743487256/?type=3&mibextid=rS40aB7S9Ucbxw6v
  14. I may have a lead on the brush truck for Dillon, on the same news site I found the information on the Macks I found two photos and I also have a video of the truck in one of the parades. (1st pic: you can see the rear at an angle.) (2nd pic: this one isn't as clear but looking at the layout in the 1st pic it appears to be the same truck. I'd also note the two tankers present.) the truck shows up at 23:20 (I'd recommend using higher picture quality as lettering shows up better) I also have a question about the credits list. I noticed that the HEMTT tender is on the list, although I remember a while back that the HEMTT wasn't going to be included. I was wondering if there was another rig replacing it or if it was being included after all.
  15. I've found a photo of of Lima's other engine. Looks like an Ex. USAF rig judging by the overall appearance and similarities to other USAF rigs I've come across looking for other information on the rig.
  16. I have two photos from a local news site in the area that may be the truck in question. (Update) Upon further inspection the second picture is not the same as the first. Although the first picture I'm fairly certain is the mack. I'll keep the second pic up incase it may help with another rig. (Update #2) I found a video from the fire in the first picture and it has a really good view of the back of the mack, and has a rear shot of the even older mack rig.
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but iirc this is a Lumina. I just came across a post in the LAPD cars and equipment FB group and someone mentioned a 1997 Lumina having been in service with the LAPD. Not sure if it is a unmarked unit or a admin car of some kind as he did not specify but it might be a good place to start. https://m.facebook.com/groups/364281704315147/permalink/1422295441847096/ Here's the post that the comment is located in. You may have to dig to find the comment in question.
  18. looking good, looking forward to the civilian vehicles it'll definitely bring some more retro atmosphere to the mod. A while ago, I found out that CARE had a website before Falck took them over. Using wayback, I was able to find some older era CARE units from the early to mid 80s. Most have an older logo before the adoption of the logo they carried until the end. (Most of these are cropped in order to make the post smaller as the photos were a part of website banners.) I'm not sure if I ever shared this one, but I figured I'd share it in case I haven't. This one is dated sometime in the 90s.
  19. Is this the callout with the forklift? If it is then you must also remove the forklift aswell or order for the call to clear.
  20. The two lima ambulances you can call in by holding the shift key when in the EMS call menu. The icon should change for the ambulance and then you call it in as normal. (You do have to hold shift while you do it) Edit: it is not shift as the pdf says. It is actually the control key.
  21. If you look in the pdf for credits, there are units that are blank and not yet available. There may be more units coming at a later time.
  22. I've been looking at the old private ems companies again, and I came across Crippen. It's been a long search, but I've found a decent amount of references for the company. The paint scheme reminds me of the CARE unit that is already present in the mod, which makes me think this was a design option from the company. (Which seems to be leader.) From the information I've gathered and provided by someone who worked there, they were bought by Medtrans in 1992. There are no rear photos but he did tell me that the back is just plain white and that the Crippen logo was centered on the doors while the windows at the back had the star of life on them. The unit number on the back was on the right-hand column, just above the right-hand tail lights. On the topic of private ems, I did find something that I have to ask about before it can be labeled a bug. Is paramedics being able to be loaded into the hazmat with a stretcher and oversight, or is that something that is intended? (Edit) quick addition of a large ford ambulance from goodhew. I've found a photo of a similar ambulance from CARE but I've had no luck finding other photos.
  23. That's a bummer. Sutphen's aerials are unique considering that most of MDFRs' other ladders are rear-mounts. But I can completely understand; either way, I can't wait to see what else is coming in the future.
  24. LA county had some interesting apparatus. Especially the late 70s early 80s crowns which had a wider cab than previous models, one of which was pulled from the county fire museum in 2007 to be a reserve rig for a few days during the fire season. (Edit:) Link to the post about the crown in 2007. It's pretty interesting that something considered to be a 'museum piece' was put into service to cover for modern apparatus. https://m.facebook.com/story.php/?story_fbid=10157330604790450&id=373750900449 I have another info. source for LA county if anyone needs it. This one is mainly focused on crown but it has some other rigs aswell. https://web.archive.org/web/20180317170507/http://www.crownisking.org/fdlaco.html
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