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  1. I need a map designer,vehicle modeler,equitment modeler,Scripted Events Specialist,Character Modeler/Animator and a Uniform and Texture Artist I would like to invite Hoppah for my mods! Thank you very much. Pls help me fulfill my wishes to make a Malaysia mods.TQ Pls add thing for me and help me if i am wrong or missed.TQ
  2. wht car is that in PN mods why i does not saw it? TQ i hope u guys add this TQ
  3. tq i have it did u guys know the mods that have roof rotate light on the unmarked cars
  4. why I saw some white square on light , could someone pls give me the light patch (i forgot where i download)
  5. I wanted some old school mods like chicago pd or other state and city mods
  6. hi i saw your post that u say the unmarked car light stay on roof. wht mod is tht project nostalgia or hill street blue

    1. AgentSmith6


      Hi, it's Project Nostaliga, it's one of the variations of the LASD Chevy Malibu when you select the 80's police cars

  7. why I saw a unmarked car have the roof light wht mods is that´╝čis that Project nostalgia?
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