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  1. Hello everyone, this is just a quick update to address some rumors that have been circulating online... First, no action has been taken to stop development. Although it's been a slow and long process since it started, it doesn't mean it's dead. It has been reported that some individuals have been beating the drum that this mod is dead on this website, as well as on Discord, and on YouTube. I must admit, these people are incredibly ignorant of the fact that we are a two-man team with help from several volunteers who have generously contributed material to the mod. There is no commission involved. You are not entitled to or owed our mod. It will simply be a matter of waiting unless you pay us for our time. No monetary transaction is, however, of interest to us. For both of us, this is a hobby. Goog has a family and is fully engaged in his life. He is the basis of this modification; he is the prime meat on the bone, and he is the foundation of it all. The models he makes are meticulously detailed because he wants to deliver a fun and realistic gaming experience. He then hands it over to me in which I add a soul to these models with my realistic emergency lighting system, which is an extremely labor-intensive process on such an outdated game engine. Considering I am a full-time college student and work full-time, and having been involved in emergency 4 for almost 12 years, I find it difficult to find motivation or inspiration to open the editor on my time-constrained schedule. However, when I have time, I spend a few hours completing a model or two in a day. It is neither my intention to gain sympathy nor to justify the pace of our development. But to demand it now is ungrateful and does nothing to help. Perhaps you could delve deep into community tutorials and resources to make your own modification if you are that impatient. People who constantly DM me asking for ETAs or harassing us will simply be ignored. Basically, I see a few of you as vultures looking for opportunities to rip off or steal our development materials once it's out. In spite of this, most of you seem to be seeking new beginnings in such a legendary game, and this is the people who we are doing this for. The people who waited patiently and supported our development are what motivate us to keep going. Thank you. I appreciate your time, and I will be posting an update soon on several models that have been edited with ELS.
  2. Brand new LAPD ped models. On the very left is Hoppah's original LAPD officer, and the right is the new ones. Credits : losangelesi & Chris07 : gun belt accessories, apx 8000, pepper spray, added all objects to bones itchboy : taser hoppah : 1911 model LAPD textures : C.F.D
  3. A very welcoming asset to the community, thank you for this. Can you help clarify what this can be done for those who are new to the community, what exactly sort of .EFT texture/template can you open with this tool ? Are we talking about base game map textures, etc ? Now see if you can reverse-engineer the editor and introduce more tools, haha.
  4. Brand new 2021 Pierce LAFD Engine 10 now completed and ready for service. Featuring real world body specifications, light patterns, and realistic environmental lighting. Also featuring a new set of coronas that will emulate real life perception of light bloom to the human eye in-game. I hope you like it !
  5. Still active, but enjoying the summer as restrictions gets lifted in Canada. I know Goog has been working very hard lately on brand new units and I know you guys will be excited to see them once he finishes it up.
  6. Haha, after 11 years of using the editor, I'm used to it. Small details goes a long way, and I wanted it to resemble the lights to the real deal. A lightmap works but it looks cheap.
  7. I have updated the Whelen Freedom IV light bars for the LAFD apparatuses to reflect the current LAFD specs, as well as new textures. They are looking much better and fresher compared to the older version. I've included a before photo ( of the USAR light bar ) to see the differences. Old : New :
  8. Just to highlight one of the biggest changes on his models is that most of the surface mount emergency lights are textured on in order to reduce the amount of poly that would've affected in-game performances. By eliminating the 3d lights, we've cut hundreds, and some, thousands, of unnecessary polys, the game now runs very smoothly, especially with multiple units at an incident such as structure fires. Lights flashes smoother too.
  9. Hey guys, I wanted to show you the fresh changes that are being made to all the LED lights on our LAFD trucks, specifically, the Whelen 900 series lights. They did not satisfy me, so I compared it to one of my own 900's light and see what needs improving. You'll see the differences in the video. I will do this fresh changes on all models that contain the 900s, and may further it to the rest of other whelen lights to reflect its accuracy.
  10. Hey guys, Here is a short preview of the new ability to change your firefighter's PPE into different options, thanks to Mentor1159.
  11. Hey guys, I have some exciting news to share with the community today. In the last few days, Goog and I welcomed a fresh addition to the team, @Mentor1159, to help with the scripting side of things, and because of this, he gave wind to our sail. In the last couple days, he worked hard at introducing additional features to the modification that enabled a fresh game-play experience, keeping in mind of how the LAFD operates in the actual world. First, he introduced the limited water supply script. This means that all engine apparatuses will have limited water in the tank, and will require connection to the hydrant to supplement more water. This also comes with a display that tells you the water level. In order to operate the pump, it requires an engineer to activate the pump. At a push of a button, the engineer will automatically ready himself at the pump, and other firefighters will deploy a line to the hydrant, and stretch an attack line to the fire. You can also stretch supply lines to other engine/truck companies in proximity, such as the tiller, in order to allow aerial water operation. Also, every time you operate the deck gun, a firefighter will be assigned to it. He has also changed the system of how fire trucks are staffed. All engines, truck and special purposed apparatuses will be staffed according to the LAFD apparatus model. Four members staffs the engine companies, including a Captain, an engineer, and two firefighters, Older engine apparatuses will be a paramedic assessment company, meaning that they include a firefighter/paramedic as part of the crew. Using this set-up will also allow you to operate either as a Life Force ( a pump engine and a ladder truck) or a Task Force (simply a life force coupled with an additional engine.) A task force usually responds to larger incidents such as structural fires, all operating together. One of my favorite changes he has done for us was that he completely overhauled and re-designed how fire station 1 is set up. As seen in the video, he added three engines (One KME, one new Pierce, and one older pierce,) along with a tiller truck, USAR truck, one ALS and one BLS ambulance inside the station. This is to replicate how a larger standard LAFD fire station operates. There are sufficient resources staffed in that station for you to dispatch to a majority of calls on the map. Additional units will be added to the station (such as brush truck, LEV truck,) they will probably position behind the station in the future. The rest of the units can be called off the map. He also added a Stryker and spinal board, incorporated into the ambulance models. Among the changes, he has introduced an engine on/off script that allows you to turn on the engine of any vehicle on the map, and will require you to activate emergency lights. All models will require at least one person inside the vehicle in order to move it around. If there is nobody inside, the vehicle will not move. I am excited to see these recent changes and have had a pleasure playing free-play in the last two days, and I am very excited for you guys to share the experiences I had. Mentor1159 will be instrumental in achieving the vision that Goog and I had for the project, and we are excited to see what else he has in store for us down the road. So in the meantime, enjoy the video, and let us know what you think ! We will keep you posted for further development news from him.
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