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  1. Haha, after 11 years of using the editor, I'm used to it. Small details goes a long way, and I wanted it to resemble the lights to the real deal. A lightmap works but it looks cheap.
  2. I have updated the Whelen Freedom IV light bars for the LAFD apparatuses to reflect the current LAFD specs, as well as new textures. They are looking much better and fresher compared to the older version. I've included a before photo ( of the USAR light bar ) to see the differences. Old : New :
  3. Just to highlight one of the biggest changes on his models is that most of the surface mount emergency lights are textured on in order to reduce the amount of poly that would've affected in-game performances. By eliminating the 3d lights, we've cut hundreds, and some, thousands, of unnecessary polys, the game now runs very smoothly, especially with multiple units at an incident such as structure fires. Lights flashes smoother too.
  4. Hey guys, I wanted to show you the fresh changes that are being made to all the LED lights on our LAFD trucks, specifically, the Whelen 900 series lights. They did not satisfy me, so I compared it to one of my own 900's light and see what needs improving. You'll see the differences in the video. I will do this fresh changes on all models that contain the 900s, and may further it to the rest of other whelen lights to reflect its accuracy.
  5. Hey guys, Here is a short preview of the new ability to change your firefighter's PPE into different options, thanks to Mentor1159.
  6. Hey guys, I have some exciting news to share with the community today. In the last few days, Goog and I welcomed a fresh addition to the team, @Mentor1159, to help with the scripting side of things, and because of this, he gave wind to our sail. In the last couple days, he worked hard at introducing additional features to the modification that enabled a fresh game-play experience, keeping in mind of how the LAFD operates in the actual world. First, he introduced the limited water supply script. This means that all engine apparatuses will have limited water in the tank, and will req
  7. Just a follow-up update to the skins above ... Captains can now join the fight at fire calls. Now working on removing helmets for another set of firefighters without helmets ... stay tuned. Fire calls now look more professional with these guys. I've also given SCBA lights as per real life. You can see it blinking at night.
  8. If I can figure out how to clone/duplicate the models for LACOFD, I will reskin it for that set.
  9. Trying out something different ... the helmet will eventually be replaced with accurate ones.
  10. Just finished up the lights for LAFD Paramedic Engine 210, 2005 Pierce arrow XT chassis.
  11. Hey dude, could you PM me please ? 

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