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  1. Is there any fix to light brightness? cuz it's too dark... i want brighter lights, how i can do it?
  2. Hi there, i would like to ask, can i find a mod team to make me a mod of London 2021? I mean all new cars what's serving in UK. And how much and long it will take?
  3. Hello if you still don't know how to fix it. Here is a Solution!I have a fix for all those who have problems with Em4 FPS as soon as they turn on the lights of the vehicles since it was rumoured it is due to the AMD driver does not agree it is a setting in the em4.cfg<var name="e4_mbfastcopy" value="1" />on<var name="e4_mbfastcopy" value="0" />Change then it should actually go No idea why it's now I've worked on it a week to fix it I'd be happy if people write down below if it worked If this didn't belong here I apologize but since it was a nasty problem I thought it's coming in here,"
  4. Comeback after 5 years.. and i saw LA MOD updates... It's amazing! Goog! Thanks for keeping this mod alive!
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