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  1. Hi Guys, my EM4 is extremely laggy when using mod and when the lights are on. it's doing fine if i play the original game without mod. so far i've tried LA, Mayberry, NY101, West Canadian. All mods gave similar symptoms, laggy when the lights are on but back to normal when i turned the lights off. i'm using Asus Laptop X550ZE (AMD FX7500, Radeon R7 + R5, 12GB RAM) with windows 10 now. Actually i was using windows 8.1 before and thought the problem was directx and windows update, so after multiple failed update then i decide to move on to windows 10. I've installed all windows 10 update and have Directx 12. But the issue persisted. Any idea what can i do? thanks logfile.txt DxDiag.txt
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