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  1. their are actually 2 rescue 3s one is a ford and one is the one in the pic^ I edited
  2. Love the work and the straight up detail you put in your stuff and love the encouragement you give. Awesome engines done and a 1 of a kind I would say keep em going
  3. I forgot the Driver and passenger side steps in the picture but I have made sure to add them on
  4. Your probably right it might or should be darker a lil but I will return back to it my main priority is to get the models with the edits out and than to return to perfect the skin and lights
  5. I chose to base it off Norwalk because when I looked at the log book for lacofd it had a squad their I might base it off signal Hill or Lakewood but I need to see which have a squad. I know for a fact Signal hill has a engine but no squad but I will be sure to take a look and see.
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