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  1. Looks good a combination of different objects from other mods and your hard work to accomplish it. My thing is, you could release it publicly no body is going to get bent of out shape anymore because we are now a friendly site lol!
  2. Just a small video of a few 2020 Explorers for the Miami Mod Patrol units still WIP.
  3. I have recently seen a lot of great models that have been produced and released to the community thanks. I also have a small wish list. It would be nice to see two of the most common unmarked Police vehicles used in various departments in the US and abroad. The Ford Taurus from 2000 to 2009. Thanks again for all your hard work. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_01/307.jpg.b27e1db728c6e8434e84ad193b5c7ed2.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_01/2008_taurus-530.jpg.f99a3ddba459951427bad3528244e4c0.jpg
  4. I am not a mapper but I agree wit EMC much easier to work off an existent map.
  5. Can't wait to play looks like great mod so far:)
  6. must say CFD superb lighting and attention to detail:) CFD any chance you will be doing a rotatory light system for some of the older engine? It would be nice to see your work on them. I know they're a pain in the a@#&% to due tho lol!
  7. It is going to be nice when comes great work far.
  8. Nice work Itchboy but someone make a 2007 Ford Taurus. It is only the most popular undercover Police vehicle in history lol!
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