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  1. I like the ladder Truck it all looks good map in all nice work. I still play the 1.3 London mod I did do a little update to light systems gave my twist and fixed the minor traffic issues but over all they great job on the mod.
  2. It is going to look great when it is completed. I'am still working off window 7 lol! Go Canadian truckers...
  3. All looks good TH like the rotator lights on the engines.
  4. Send me the mod fist so I can look at it before up load or send me video on work and units remastered?
  5. Just some ideas for you good luck with the mod work. https://youtu.be/F4yzEKOipYo
  6. Looks good a combination of different objects from other mods and your hard work to accomplish it. My thing is, you could release it publicly no body is going to get bent of out shape anymore because we are now a friendly site lol!
  7. Just a small video of a few 2020 Explorers for the Miami Mod Patrol units still WIP.
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