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  1. Here are some pics of the PD
  2. How are you making out with lighting still learning there a few good videos out there Check out CFD lasted post a lot good helpful stuff. 

  3. I have put in some new buildings into my mod im making but i have not really understood fire objects. I added the fire object into the building and set up the fire for the building but it will not work when i try to see it in the editor? How do i make it properly work?
  4. I present to you the first of progress updates, i present to you FDNY Rescue 4 (Queens) Credit: Brooklyn mod team for the rescue model and lights Skin by: Modzzguy202 & Connor Brumleve http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2016_03/56e9fad41eb1c_Em42016-03-1620-27-15-142.jpg.a05368065a701240e85fbf182e78ab6b.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2016_03/56e9faec86543_Em42016-03-1620-27-34-475.jpg.ff8354fd67c74f84c2bbb03f88138e03.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2016_03/56e9faf33f633_Em42016-03-1620-27-20-908.jpg.8d12b99e7646381
  5. Thanks man! We are going to work hard on this and make it realistic as possible!
  6. Great work goog! Take all the time you need because this mod is looking amazing and i think it will be one of the best mods out for EM4 so keep up the great work and take as long as it takes to make this mod!
  7. Hey guys! Not sure if anyone is still watching this topic but i just wanted to update you that i will be working on a new version of methuen fr release!
  8. Hellow all now every time i load upmy mod new jersey mass mod and load free play it crashes when it loads, here is my log file if anyone can see the problem please let me know! |Detecting CPU type and features |CPU:Pentium II/III FPU MMX ISSE 3DNow! |Vision Core: Allocated 28 kB of memory for Polygon Chunks |Vision Core: Allocated 9 kB of memory for Entities |Settings renderer configuration Initializing post processor 'PerceptionCore' * Skipping config fileInitializing post processor 'MotionBlur' * Skipping config fileInitializing post processor 'Nightvision' * Skipping config file|In
  9. If you are looking for a pay, this is all on our own time, But you will get acces to all of my mods and early stages of haverhill, it would be a huge help if you could help on the map!
  10. Hellow all, As you guys know im the creator of methuen mass mod and i am starting to redo haverhill mod! But we are looking for some help on the mod, here are some spots we need! Lighter:Modzzguy202, open Skins:Modzzguy202, Max starmer Sirens: Starmer, ENG343INE Map:OPEN PLEASE PM ME!!! Leader: Modzzguy202 If anyone is interested in helping and wants to join the team please pm with your skills!
  11. This is going to be fully redone new units everything fully redone
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