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  1. Im thankfull for these advices!! I will start working on the mod, in the next year. Ty for it!
  2. Hello! Im a Portuguese 17 yo guy. And since my 10 years that I Played Emergency 4. From months ago ive been learning doing mods to em4 but everytime it gets everything worng. i would need help from everybody. Ill say the truth: i dont know nothing abt mods (just know a file called z modeler to model the car but dont know how it worked), so i need help to mod, i would need people to come and help me make my dream mod on that game. I wanna make mod of my city. Called Portalegre. I have some cars to use on it: VFCI-08 BV PORTALEGRE VFCI 06 BV PORTALEGRE VUCI 07 BV PORTALEGRE VRCI 03 BV PORTALEGRE VSAT 01 BV PORTALEGRE (old name was VSS) VFCI 05 BV PORTALEGRE VFCI 01 BV PORTALEGRE VLCI 04 (ITS NOW A VTTP) BV PORTALEGRE ABSC 02 (Old Car but ill use it ON MOD) BV PORTALEGRE ABTD 01 (not working anymore but using it) BV PORTALEGRE ABTD 08 (old car too) BV PORTALEGRE Later ill be taking pictures of the cars to add more, and wanna ad more cars of others stations. For now i wanna just mod the cars to the game, and later i will create the map (whit help) If someone can help me do it pls coment here. Ty! And good year and nice christmas everybody!!
  3. Obrigado pelos links ! E ja agr... Sera que me consegues arranjar o link do mod de almada ou de carnide sffv?? Obrigado!
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