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  1. Huh, that's funny. Maybe contact someone who helped develop this mod for more help, like itchboy or bama for example.
  2. I'm sure it still works, and that it would still be in the mod. You need to position park the apparatus, parallel to the river, and park it close. There should be a suction pipe button on the commands bar. Click that. If it's ok, it will work. If not, it will tell you what to do.
  3. I have a video for a Thunder Siren, which is the same kind of siren used on at least some of the MPPD vehicles. There's Wail, Yelp, Thunder, and Hi Lo.
  4. Oh, there's one that does work. mhphqcontact@mt.gov. Hope it works for you, cuz it does for me.
  5. I am literally emailing the Montana Highway Patrol right now to see if POVs really do count as emergency vehicles, under MCA 61-8-102 (2)(a). @Sangmi
  6. Oh, alright. Thanks for answering, because I was thinking it was California, considered some vehicles in the mod have a steady burn red at the front, particularly the police vehicles.
  7. From the official MHP website From Wikipedia @itchboy
  8. @mcflame1Hello, do you know which state is Northview South County in, if there was any thought into it? Just curious
  9. The unmarked LAFD tactical medic car could be used in LA Nostalgia for arson investigators, or even higher ranking officers that can outrank the Battalion Chief. Ik, wrong thread, but it's at least something to think about.
  10. In the video above, he said he had to go through Montana DOJ, the sheriff of his county, and the fire chief of his department to get his vehicle designated as an emergency vehicle.
  11. This is why I love my province's rules. I'm from Saskatchewan, and we recognize POVs of firefighters and medical responders and the like as emergency vehicles, since April 1, 2009. The reason is because some City of Estevan fireman named Travis Olver ran a red light, while going to a truck fire in his POV. Cops noticed and stopped him anyway. He was given a $220 CAD ticket, he fought it, but lost. The judge reduced it to $70. Then Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall got the legislature together, and got the law changed. Section 238 of the Saskatchewan Traffic Safety Act says; "The driver of an emergency vehicle may act pursuant to subsection (2) if the emergency vehicle is: (a) used for the transportation of a peace officer in the performance of the officer’s duties; (b) used for the transportation of a member of a fire department in response to an emergency; (c) an ambulance used in response to an emergency; (d) a vehicle or one of a class of vehicles designated by the board as an emergency vehicle which is used in response to an emergency; or (e) a vehicle that: (i) is designated by a municipality in a bylaw as a vehicle that may be used as an emergency vehicle by a volunteer firefighter or first responder; and (ii) is being used in response to an emergency and is operated by a person who meets the prescribed requirements.
  12. I found more info on MCA 61-8-102 (2)(a): "Authorized emergency vehicle" means a vehicle of a governmental fire agency organized under Title 7, chapter 33, an ambulance, or an emergency vehicle designated or authorized by the department. The department is what confuses, me so I had to go to 61-1-101. 61-1-101 (17) says: (17) "Department" means the department of justice acting directly or through its duly authorized officers or agents. So the Montana State DOJ has the authority to designate any vehicle as an authorized emergency vehicle. Also this firefighter guy here said POVs are emergency vehicles, if approved to be as such by the Fire Chief, County Sheriff, and Montana State DOJ. Which is confusing, because he said in another video that POVs are not emergency vehicles.
  13. I heard EMTs can't do shit without a med control doc on the phone. At least that's what Fire Department Chronicles said on YouTube. Fun fact: Nurses in the Philippines, where I'm originally from, are the paramedics. We don't have paramedics there, so the nurses are the next best thing. We do have EMTs. Nurses and EMTs can call deaths. PNP cops can't call deaths, but PNP-SOCO (Scene of the Crime Operatives) can.
  14. There are two jump seats at the back of the engine's cab. It's probably to simulate a VFD in a town that has absolutely nothing to upgrade their VFD.
  15. It's probably to simulate having less firefighters than ideal. Monida Pass is officially a city, legal wise, but they are more or less like a town, population wise.
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