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  1. There's the Welfordshire mod (both the original mod, and the V3 mod), and the Pontypandy mod (yes it's very real)
  2. So I am planning on buying Emergency 4 through steam, I just have one problem though. I don't have a plug in computer mouse anywhere. So, is it possible to play Em4 with the mouse pad on my laptop, or is a separate plug in mouse mandatory?
  3. Other than West Falls, Mayberry, Montana, etc. are there any American mods that utilizes volunteer firefighters?
  4. I love the idea of a fire siren when the pager goes out. I know it's possible, since there are mode like the Zolynia mod, Wegberg mog, or the Bieberfelde mod, any kind of European mod that uses volunteer fire crews that have siren noises whenever the volunteers are dispatched.
  5. Hi. Are there any physical stores that might have the game in stock?
  6. Ahhh yes, Gotham ain't Gotham without the Dark Knight in it
  7. @itchboy Hi. I'm just wondering if you intend on introducing higher ranking police officers for the Montana Mod 2.5 version, such as police sergeants for example. I know the police sergeant is a thing in the City of Angels mod, so I'm curious as to whether you plan on extending that to Montana as well.
  8. As of Season 14, there are Ocean Rescue, Mountain Rescue, Animal Rescue, SAR, and even police units in the show, the police being the newest of them all. However, there is no proper ambulance service.
  9. Itchboy, Ik the City of Angels Mod has an LAPD sergeant. Do you plan on introducing that to other mods like Project Nostalgia or Montana 2.5 for example? Just curious.
  10. That's what I was going to say! Why are the MPFD people only available in the day? (Except for the chief and dispatcher)
  11. I could never imagine Fireman Sam ever meeting the Emergency 4 franchise. I love it, and I look forward to more. What does the police and ambulance vehicles look like in the game? Just curious.
  12. Everyone is more than welcome to tell me their province/territory's POV laws. I want this post to be as accurate as possible.
  13. Itchboy, I was just wondering. What model is the MPFD chief's vehicle (from pre 2.5 versions of the mod) based out of? I am intrigued by that model of vehicle, and I'd like to know what it is. For curiosity's sake.
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