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Miami Modification 2.2

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About This File

New version of the mod with a bunch of fixes. Don't worry, future fixes will be released only as patches, but as of now - you need to redownload the mod once againe. Please share link directly here. Thank you!

A Miami modification for Emergency 4 game featuring:

- About 100 new playable units. - We have replaced all units types with new moddel (and even more).

- New custom freeplay map. - New map (in freeplay and deluxefreeplay version) with a beach, large police dept, 2 firestations, hospital and Lifeguard tower.

- Complete optimization. - Unlike other mods, anything that is not used - gets deleted, unnesasry prts of the moddels with high count of polygons - reworked.

- Highest amount of aircraft compared to other mods. - Thats been said, we have new helicopters and airplanes.

- Compelte UI. - Complete UI on commands and units and equipment.

- New scripts and sirens. - We have all the nessesary scripts for your fun: parking script, limited water supply script, single strecher, traffic debug, and much more.

- Top of the line bluelights. - Best bluelights that can be found (but they are optimized from what you saw on the videos).

Please check readmefile for instructions on how to properly install the mod!

Before attending any edit or modding out from here, check the readme file for Terms of ussage! Reuploading of the files are forbiden!

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