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  1. With polygons, they're very finicky. You've gotta go slow and steady. As for lighting them, make sure you attach them with a corona, otherwise the polygon won't do anything. The corona is the light source, the polygon is just a shape
  2. Little more information is required, such as your dxdiag, or posting your logfile, but I'm willing to bet, based on the ringing noise, there's a critical fault, and if you alt-tabbed the game, there is an error box floating underneath the full screen. Try launching the game in windowed mode (edit the config file to change fullscreen from 1 to 0) if you cannot see the error message. When you post more information, we'll be able to help, but right now, we don't have enough information to provide guidance
  3. Hi, just some moderation notes: Closed the duplicate copy of this topic, and merged contents together. Future reference, don't delete a post to just recreate it, we'll undo it and merge them. Please abide by the terms of service for general members and expected clan behaviour. Please note, this topic is to be the ONLY operational topic on this forum for this clan.
  4. It's all based off of the bls als system in America. Where medical care is pay per use, you generally don't need a highly trained paramedic there for many incidents when a simple EMT will do. They're cheaper and therefore in a cost based system better. The EMT is represented by the firefighters. They can be put together in groups of two to select stretchers allowing them to transport however they can only stabilize, they don't have the ability to heal. This is good for calls such as the medical aid or person fell where they're generally high in health so you don't need to
  5. They've said before that the current plan is to remove the ungodly buggy version from release. The former version should be considered more of a public beta than a full release in my opinion. They released a mod that was complete for pictures but had many issues, most of which were hard to diagnose with the small team working on it. With the public release more hands can see the issues and try to diagnose them. Bama1234 has said that his plan is to update and upgrade, meaning it'll have some more items in, but more importantly, some more functions, be it new or improved. At this time it's p
  6. Well, since you don't want to thank us, I'll be happy to explain why you didn't get any solutions to your issue. In the main technical support thread for the game in question, there's this announcement at the top, in all capital letters. You obviously didn't read it. http://forum.emergency-planet.com/forum-42/announcement-4-read-before-requesting-assistance/ So if you search the forum, which is step one, you'll find a topic from about 5 days before you posted your issue. Well the answer. http://forum.emergency-planet.com/topic/20973-ctd-when-playing-mods/ Scroll down to the bottom for
  7. Hi, and no no no no no So that's definitely not okay to ask for. Unlike sites such as GTA V Mods and similar products, there's a major difference here. We don't allow members to ask for releases and similar pushes for content. And that's because this isn't a game like GTA V, with the same mod set up. You can't just make one vehicle, change it out and then use it in the base game. I mean realistically, you can, but that's not accepted as even close to a mod in this world. You also can't really release pieces and get the same result as you would there. Thinking back to GTA IV (years ago, b
  8. I think that in the way of copyright issues, as long as you do not display the brand in poor light and charge (or accept payment) for the mod, you should be fine. None of the modders to my knowledge in this community have gotten issues with using trademarks on their vehicles in their mods. I too would like to know how you would go about a Universal studios mod. I think it would certainly be a different take, dealing with the daily issues, from minor emergecies, to major events like fires, and overnight things like people breaking in, vandalism, etc. Also have things like ride break downs pe
  9. This looks like it'd work nice for LED lights, wouldn't work as well for halogen or rotary types though I think. I do wonder though what it looks like in the day. My experience is polys don't look as good in the day as they do in the night time, almost can't see them
  10. And you're all done now. Children refuse to listen, bring only problems and then they lose access to the site. I'm closing this topic, removing links and suspending the clan from this site. Anyone who would like to appeal can privately message me.
  11. First off, they didn't move on to other projects, they just stopped this one for the time being. And the issue wasn't so much the use by others, as much as the abuse by this forum. That is, members were taking it, demanding their rights to it, and then defending people who took models and used them without permission and credit. The authors of the mod decided as a whole that it is best to step away from it all, let people come to their senses and realize you don't have a right to ANYTHING, especially that which is provided to you for free by someone else. Either way, production of this m
  12. You mean without permission, all mods are required to give credit for content they use. You also may need people's permission before taking their work as your own too. That's not for me to enforce though, that's not my site. I do have to ask though, what are we looking at in the way of poly count? If it's a conversion, there may be a lot of weight sitting in details you don't need for this game. A lot of models converted were just straight conversions, meaning they didn't work in the game with anything more than an empty field and a tree.
  13. There's no plan for the site to come to an end, no worries there. There's a fair bit of interest here, although it may not look like it. The older modders with years experience, like Hoppah, Mikey etc are just that, older, so they can't contribute as readily. That doesn't mean there isn't room for more modders to raise through the ranks and add to our content
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