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  1. Even placement of unique models with first aid capable people would be something interesting
  2. Looks like Beaverhead SAR is very similar in nature to SAR teams in Canada, that is, not a police run organization, totally reliant on fundraising and uses old/make shift equipment for vehicles (I see you Camper Trailer Command Post). I'm interested to see how that plays out in regards to in game placement.!
  3. There's tutorials on this topic here https://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/article/41-em4-adding-vehicles/ You're essentially adding a new vehicle because the parking marker has to appear as an object or you won't see anything proper. You'll either get an error or an issue with the model and get a big grey block.
  4. Within the mod directory, there's a folder called ui, there's folders here for command icons, as well as cursor icons. The object is the file for the model. You can place this in a folder such as Objects/Objects or whatever one there is. The model file is what you'll see as the parking area. You'll need to make a prototype for the hilfsobjekte, and it has to go in the folder with this name: Prototypes/Objects/Hilfsobjekte/Ausrichtung.e4p There's tutorials on this site for creating prototypes and working with them. Take a look at them for more guidance
  5. Generally speaking, with all scripts, you place then in the mods script folder, under commands, and then assign it to the vehicle in question as a command. I'm not familiar with this specific script, but this should work, looking at the information available. It doesn't appear to rely on callers or naming the objects using it in the script, so you should be fine to just assign the parking command to a vehicle and use it in game
  6. I've enjoyed playing it personally, and so far, I've been impressed with the progress and the team. By no means are we replacing Emergency 4, but as the game ages, and the market develops, we're working to make sure that we include games that would be natural successors. With modding support, I personally hope to see a lot of great content coming from this community.
  7. As Emergency gets older, newer games are coming out that allow players to play in emergency services. While we still will feature Emergency games and Firefighter Simulator: The Squad, I want to introduce Into the Flames. Available on steam, Into the Flames is a solo or multiplayer co-op game that focuses on the first person role of a firefighter. From selecting and driving multiple fire vehicles, to breaching, extinguishing and firefighting, the game is in alpha and providing regular updates. Recently they announced they would be releasing full modding support using Unreal Engine 4's SDK and will be releasing this soon. As a community built on mods for Emergency games, this seemed like a natural fit for us. The team from Into the Flames will be posting updates on modding and release contests in the main forum, however we look forward to seeing some of the mods that will come out of our community!
  8. With polygons, they're very finicky. You've gotta go slow and steady. As for lighting them, make sure you attach them with a corona, otherwise the polygon won't do anything. The corona is the light source, the polygon is just a shape
  9. Little more information is required, such as your dxdiag, or posting your logfile, but I'm willing to bet, based on the ringing noise, there's a critical fault, and if you alt-tabbed the game, there is an error box floating underneath the full screen. Try launching the game in windowed mode (edit the config file to change fullscreen from 1 to 0) if you cannot see the error message. When you post more information, we'll be able to help, but right now, we don't have enough information to provide guidance
  10. Hi, just some moderation notes: Closed the duplicate copy of this topic, and merged contents together. Future reference, don't delete a post to just recreate it, we'll undo it and merge them. Please abide by the terms of service for general members and expected clan behaviour. Please note, this topic is to be the ONLY operational topic on this forum for this clan.
  11. It's all based off of the bls als system in America. Where medical care is pay per use, you generally don't need a highly trained paramedic there for many incidents when a simple EMT will do. They're cheaper and therefore in a cost based system better. The EMT is represented by the firefighters. They can be put together in groups of two to select stretchers allowing them to transport however they can only stabilize, they don't have the ability to heal. This is good for calls such as the medical aid or person fell where they're generally high in health so you don't need to waste paramedic resources. AMR and the on map ambulance are staffed with paramedics for more major events such as a heart attack or stroke. And the difference between the white and red engines is solely based on how many real life counties work. If a department is volunteer or from a small municipality, they cannot afford to have full capacity and response ability for special incidents like HAZMAT or major fires. We'll often rely on neighbouring jurisdictions, in this case, Mayberry County for things like HAZMAT support or in cases ofajor fires, mutual aid engines, which is basically just extra hands on deck. Mayberry has 4 engines iirc and those are easily used up, so the extra ones help when you get stuck. You'll see it in a lot of mods featuring smaller American towns, mutual aid departments you can call from off map.
  12. They've said before that the current plan is to remove the ungodly buggy version from release. The former version should be considered more of a public beta than a full release in my opinion. They released a mod that was complete for pictures but had many issues, most of which were hard to diagnose with the small team working on it. With the public release more hands can see the issues and try to diagnose them. Bama1234 has said that his plan is to update and upgrade, meaning it'll have some more items in, but more importantly, some more functions, be it new or improved. At this time it's probably not going to be a mod that has a previous version still available to download, and instead will likely be replaced soon by the upcoming version, hopefully completely free of major bugs
  13. Well, since you don't want to thank us, I'll be happy to explain why you didn't get any solutions to your issue. In the main technical support thread for the game in question, there's this announcement at the top, in all capital letters. You obviously didn't read it. http://forum.emergency-planet.com/forum-42/announcement-4-read-before-requesting-assistance/ So if you search the forum, which is step one, you'll find a topic from about 5 days before you posted your issue. Well the answer. http://forum.emergency-planet.com/topic/20973-ctd-when-playing-mods/ Scroll down to the bottom for one user's solution to your issue. There's actually a few topics with different fixes in place. You said you don't want to upload 5 logfiles, we don't want those. Usually one lets us see what's on the go. There's zero in this topic. There's also no dxdiag attached, so we don't have any idea what's wrong with your computer that would be causing these issues. We're taking your word that everything should be working, when in actual fact it is not, so maybe give us something to double check it. If you could figure it out on your own, you wouldn't be here. So ignoring those many things you left out, you need to take that chip off of your shoulder. Chances are you don't need a computer science degree, or similar to figure this out. You said the mod did work on one laptop, just not on the five computers you tested it on. Now considering how there's been 527,000+ downloads of this mod from THIS site alone in this iteration, that means that there's nothing wrong with the mod, but a mere compatibility issue with the mod and the PCs in question. Now, have you tried any other mods with the computer? The base game perhaps? This is another tool we can use to diagnose your issues. Well that is, issues with the computer. You stated that it is not a problem with the hardware, but instead the mod itself, which again, is not the case. So let's look at the five computers you used, you don't need to tell me which ones, but what hardware/software do they have in common in the way of video cards and drivers associated. The topic I so kindly linked found one of the pieces of software provided by the graphics card manufacturer. Since you solved the problem through "common sense" why don't you share EXACTLY what you did? Did it involve editing files in the LA mod package itself? Or did you do something with your computer? Your attitude about this whole issue is absolutely childish, bratty and outright sad. Grow up and handle your problems a little more mature and maybe people will be more helpful. Come on to a website blaming the product they release, deny any help, and then brag you fixed it yourself and it was their products fault? Mhmm. You've been issued a warning for your childish behaviour, and since you find the forum so useless, feel free to never come back, or make it useful. This isn't an institution you need to be a part of. For you or us. (Hint, the quickest way off, assuming you're not on IE is to press ctrl/cmd+L and type some letters, then smash enter. )
  14. Hi, and no no no no no So that's definitely not okay to ask for. Unlike sites such as GTA V Mods and similar products, there's a major difference here. We don't allow members to ask for releases and similar pushes for content. And that's because this isn't a game like GTA V, with the same mod set up. You can't just make one vehicle, change it out and then use it in the base game. I mean realistically, you can, but that's not accepted as even close to a mod in this world. You also can't really release pieces and get the same result as you would there. Thinking back to GTA IV (years ago, but it has a developed community, so deal with it) Many modders became largely known for their work producing vehicles. They would often release skins, or even a special model. Most of the community is just reskins though. There was also a major system known as ELS, which let you control the lights. It was essentially just ONE script. Ped models were often just single pieces modified on existing structures and edited that way. Each one of these above were considered mods and widely downloaded Looking at Emergency though, you can't do that. Even slightly. Every one of these is just a piece. Someone gives you a model, you can't do anything with that, you need MULTIPLE models, as well as SCRIPTS, as well as finishing to put it all together to make this work. People editing is a totally different game all together and very rare here because it just doesn't happen. Unlike other modding communities, you can't expect products here fast, or even frequent. People here commit their own time, so instead of one thing to play with every three weeks, they need to make you 200 things to play with, put it all together and call it a show. It's pretty good then when you consider the time commitment it takes to produce these that you get ANY content at all, let alone all of it for free
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