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  1. Thanks. Kinda lame you need a second officer, but whatever. Other problem: Traffic is a nightmare. All the traffic lights on the map change way too fast for any vehicle to even move an inch. Ya you can just debug the traffic with the option, but I shouldn't have to do that ever few minutes.
  2. how do you pat someone down / search them? the manual does not at all mention how to do that?
  3. Are we allowed to ask how progress is going?
  4. Is this mod still in development? Been half a year since the last post.
  5. Hope its soon. I really wanna get my grubby mits on the new update.
  6. Itchboy, are you officially back in developing the mod? Unless I'm blind, I didn't see you saying if you were. Without purposefully breaking the rule, do you think the mod will come out sometime in 2021?
  7. Itchboy, I hope you'll still be on the credits while in the in game mods menu. Hope you will come back in the future.
  8. Thanks for all your hard work itchboy. I hope to see you back here someday in the near future.
  9. Ok thanks, I do hope the mod comes soon, I look forward to playing it and breaking it to find bugs and what not. : D
  10. So theres no on map fire department anymore? Is there a new on map hospital?
  11. So the Chester Hospital (i think thats the name, haven't played the mod in a while) will only have 4 ambulances to its name instead of just the 1? Or will Beaver County FD have 3 ambulances like it currently does? What happens if more then 4 ambulances are needed? MCU unit perhaps?
  12. Its still one of my favorite mods. It reminds me of my little hometown area, though not nearly as rural as Montana. How many ambulances will be on the map? I personally feel like there should be at least 2, as I often find myself needing a Beaver County ambulance on the map at all times.
  13. Will the fire dispatcher be able to request an ambulance, rather then only the chief? Also will all of the dispatch options from fire and police be useable, rather then crashing the whole game?
  14. Itchboy, how many fire units will be present on the map by default? Will it remain the normal 4, the 2 engines, brush and chief, or will more be added? Will there be a working sheriffs station? Currently, you cannot send a sheriff unit to the starting point as the car will glitch back and forth and continue to make a dispatch noise. Not sure if this was already fixed or if you're aware of it already, but I was reminded of it.
  15. Will the engine carry any rescue gear like the current Engine 2 does?
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