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  1. Go under your AMD settings and disable everything running for the game, it'll DRASTICALLY improve gameplay. I had the same issue when I joined team red from team green.
  2. **New process** Because too many people are not reading the post and just DMing me, all account resets and creations will go through this form to streamline the process and reduce wasted time. Going forward any DMs will first be directed to complete the form below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19eC2Zs2eeyEXsNjmdw0GnBg3tJyD8ZMXCG-cUggw8-c/
  3. Alright, I'd love to try and help, but I need to know some more stuff. Does it crash right away, or do you make it so far in the loading sequence? What tutorial are you referencing? What are your specs? Logfile?
  4. Yes that's the locked message. You need to unlock the file by going into the editor and unlocking the individual files, in the mod section, there's an option to pack and unpack files. You've gotta unpack every individual file.
  5. That's actually a fairly quick fix, just take a look at the first post. You're loading the freeplay map, you need to open singleplayer. This mod does not use Multiplayer. It only uses the missionscript freeplay simulator.
  6. I can try to help, but I'll need more information. Let's start with your logfile (in the main folder) what mods you've tried this with and your computer specs. Does the game immediately CTD or does it hang? Certain large mods, on lower end computers may take a while to load. The game is old, it is not greatly optimized, so loading can take quite some time, could this be the case for you?
  7. Hi everyone, It's been brought to our attention that our CAPTCHA is not working properly and it's preventing new registrations. I'm trying to get the CAPTCHA error resolves, but at this time, despite looking like it's working, the back end isn't working right and is not authorizing new registrations. My understanding is registration with your Discord account is still working. If you do not have an account for here (or have since forgot the login details) you can complete the form below to request assistance and your request will be processed in order of submission. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19eC2Zs2eeyEXsNjmdw0GnBg3tJyD8ZMXCG-cUggw8-c/ newfoundking. I can still be contacted on discord, however won't be providing creations/resets without using this form first.
  8. That is one of the more complex things you can do. If you want to add things like a new car accident, or a new fire spawn point, that's a little easier. To add brand new missions though, that's much more complex. To start simple, you can add in a car crash like this: I've updated the links in my original post to redirect to the correct posts. Additionally, even though they're REALLY old, there's some tutorials on the site's English section back when we were all much more active, from Hoppah, Voodoo and the like. I recommend perusing those. If you want to change the spawns for freeplay, that's under the station script, you'll see vehicles getting attached to virtual objects. Take a look through a few of the tutorials in the LA Mod section (think like 2008-2011) and you'll get some good detailed walk throughs
  9. You edit the number of parking spaces in your freeplay spec file. Find it in mod:specs/fp_params_endless.xml or _challenge.xml, depending on which place you play. Go to line 13 and edit <MaxParkingSpace value="150"/> to a higher value that works for your game Looking at -98/150, that means that your mod has about 248 vehicles in the "garage" as it is, so you need to have probably 300 as your max parking spaces.
  10. Essentially where the game is so old, it'll run into issues with the newer settings on most modern PCs. You can try running in compatibility mode, but beyond that, it's really just guess and check. Unfortunately, the game doesn't play nice with newer equipment, especially AMD. I have tried several mods and different ones work with different settings, there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to it.
  11. Usually this means there's a script error. This is a problem with the specific mod you're using, as the script was placed in, but not fully implemented. It's calling to a symbol that doesn't exist.
  12. Original version as in the pre-missionmod version? Yes, it was replaced by the updated version, EmP doesn't have a file on our site for the older version. I'm not sure if Itchboy or Bama1234 would have a local copy on their drives they'd be willing to release on an unsupported version, but likely not. I know with previous mods once updates are made, the old version isn't available any more. I remember with this mod there was a script stack issue that would cause significant lag after long playtimes, which I don't know if it was ever fixed in the public version prior to release of this version.
  13. Can you take a screenshot of this happening? Or a phone pic of the screen if you can't manage that? I have an inkling that this has to do with your graphics settings (especially if you've got an AMD card) but it's hard to tell for sure. Can you also post a logfile from the session in question, and either your specs, or ideally your dxdiag? (start > DxDiag > Save all Information) If you are running AMD, go into your AMD control panel (right click your desktop and click the AMD icon) and disable all controls for the AMD game. Additionally try lowering your graphics settings, try medium, and try low. That MIGHT help. Without seeing your specs and the exact issue, that's the best shot in the dark I can come up with.
  14. Oops, it's been a little while, I missed this notification. I just took a look at mine, and it seems like that is indeed the same settings I have, but you're still getting the issue. One thing I did have to do, for whatever reason, was turn down some graphics settings inside the game. I think for everything I'm running either medium or low settings. If I try to put it on high, I either get CTD or these phantom issues again. Theoretically you should be able to run it, since a potato can run Em4, BUT because it's so old, certain things don't play nicely. Try running it at lower settings and if that helps. Be aware, I ended up having to load a game, change the settings, get out and repeat. And if I try to raise the settings, I get the trouble again. This might be a fix.
  15. Go into either AMD or NVidia's graphics program on your PC and disable anything for Em4. Do not let it try to upscale or do anything, when you do, this should solve it.
  16. Turn off any outside graphics settings, like Radeon or Nvidia. That happens when the game is getting effects forced into it that it cannot process. When I disabled my Radeon for the game, it solved the problem.
  17. Dusted off the link, it's all good now, should be fixed.
  18. Holy thread resurrecting batman. Disable anything fancy like spatial audio, enhancements, or anything software enhancing along the way. Literally ran into this option last time I dusted off Em4. Turned off spatial and other enhancements both from the windows prompt and the realtekhd audio software and that stopped the issue. Everything was fine after that. Em4 doesn't play well with external toys trying to tweak it. She's an old game.
  19. Alright, so I've been returned from the dead to pick through this and take a look. Ten years ago it was a lot easier to actually sort through and make heads or tails for model, script and other threats because there wasn't much activity and there wasn't much that could really be ripped from elsewhere without SIGNIFICANT gameplay drops, and it made it pretty easy to put a stop to violations. Now, it's a little harder. More modern machines make unoptimized models extremely easy to process, mods can be bloated to lord knows how big, and at the end of the day, I don't have the time to chase every model against stolen assets without some proof. There's just too much freely available stuff on the web to rip and claim as your own. So this is where I'll weigh in. Under TOS 5, it's a giant no-no to share ripped content. To the point where you're looking at a ban. That said, it's also on others to help us. I'll recognize some stuff, but I'm just one gamer in a million, and I wouldn't stand a chance to recognize everything. So it's on you to report something if you see it. And if that's the case, whatever you can share will allow us to do a better investigation and actually find the stuff. Realistically, especially with the older games, chasing ripped content is a community affair, and it can't rely on one person. Now that said, TOS 4, there's no fighting, defamation, or general trouble making either. I get it, stuff slips through, but airing trash in public and starting fights is something that's been a prohibited thing since I joined the site ages ago. So, I'm going to open the topic, I'm going to leave the file up, for now, unless someone wants to contact me with anything showing that the file itself, or the contents within are violating some site rule. If someone contacts me directly, and provides something I can work on, the topic will close again, the file will come down, as per site rules. I've been a lurker for the past few years, haven't been involved in the community, and aside from looking at the occasional mod, I've been out of the community, so I'm about as impartial of an observer as you're going to get. That said, I'll be back for now, and if there's trouble starting brewing in this topic, I'll go back to the TOS, look at what rules are being violated, and go from there. Fights don't build communities, and neither does stolen content. So let's not make a public fight, and let's not steal content. And if any contributors to this mod have ripped content, as long as you come to me before someone reports you for stealing, I'll give a carte blanche to remove it from the mod, follow the site rules, and no warnings/bans get handed out. But if someone comes with proof that something was ripped and stuck in this, or any mod, I'll do what the TOS tell me to, which is remove the content, and potentially the author. Let's just settle things right. My inbox is open.
  20. Even placement of unique models with first aid capable people would be something interesting
  21. Looks like Beaverhead SAR is very similar in nature to SAR teams in Canada, that is, not a police run organization, totally reliant on fundraising and uses old/make shift equipment for vehicles (I see you Camper Trailer Command Post). I'm interested to see how that plays out in regards to in game placement.!
  22. There's tutorials on this topic here https://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/article/41-em4-adding-vehicles/ You're essentially adding a new vehicle because the parking marker has to appear as an object or you won't see anything proper. You'll either get an error or an issue with the model and get a big grey block.
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