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  1. itchboy actually figured out how to fix it a while back, and looks like the patrol script in this mod includes it.
  2. You'd have to post the script file for someone to look at.
  3. The entercar script contains conditions that allow or disallow certain types of persons (or those with certain commands assigned) entering certain types of vehicles.
  4. I believe @itchboycame up with a method to try. Use this line in the patrol script commands: v.SetTerrain(TERRAIN_TRAFFIC); I have it before this line PathList p1l("patrolpath01"); And then in the DummyPatrol command, add this line to revert when cancelling the command. v.SetTerrain(TERRAIN_CAR); Never tested it myself, just added it to the files (haven't launched this game in years).
  5. Not sure if you can really change anything related to that function.
  6. Easily done by added a wait pushaction to the vehicle between hiding it at the spawnpoint and then unhiding it and making it move. I'd be surprised it that hadn't been implemented already.
  7. You also have to have the tiller check command run at startup of the map.
  8. From what I remember, this sounds like you've exceeded the limit of how many equipment group commands a person prototype can have. You'll either have to remove some commands, or change some of the equipment commands and comment out the "SetGroupID(CGROUP_GETEQUIPMENT);" line. This will make them show up on the main command list, but be aware of the command limit on that, as well.
  9. Perhaps checking for a vehicle colliding with the VO before changing them to barriers, with a short delay and repeat if there's a vehicle there? If you hadn't already thought of that.
  10. itchboy recently figured out a pretty simple fix to make patrolling vehicles respect traffic lights, which is what always caused them to get stuck.
  11. LAFireStation contains the station Alarm command.
  12. I found that the simplest way to do it was to make dummy commands and assign them to any applicable vehicle, which the equipment script would then check for. object FlagHasBarricade : CommandScript { FlagHasBarricade() { SetGroupID(20); } bool CheckGroupVisibility(GameObject *Caller) { return false; } bool CheckPossible(GameObject *Caller) { return false; } bool CheckTarget(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int childID) { return false; } void PushActions(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int childID) { } }; And then in the script CheckTarget section, just add
  13. Alright, finally got it working. The caller creates a copy of themselves at the command position, it gets hidden (normal method caused an issue with getting a final vector, changing model to an invisible one works), find it with another caller command, make it execute the final command at its position, and then delete itself. I was going to just use an empty object prototype, but the prototype of the caller is essential to the functioning of the scripts.
  14. I suppose it's the method that complicates using a vector in this case, but I've seen them used in seemingly similar ways elsewhere. That mod seems to have some gameplay elements I've gone for myself, so I'll probably check it out in general now.
  15. Basically, I'm trying to add a delay when I use a modified LA Call Vehicle Command, so that there's a wait period during the radio audio, and a vehicle behind chosen and taking actions itself. Vector CmdPos = Game::GetCommandPos(); is outside of Child sections at the top of the script. Under ChildID 0, I have tried both of these commands: Caller->PushActionExecuteCommand(ACTION_APPEND, "PcmdCallALSAmb", CmdPos, 1, false); - It throws this error log: Caller->PushActionExecuteCommand(ACTION_APPEND, "PcmdCallALSAmb", CmdPos.Target, 1, false); - Saw something like that
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