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  1. I managed to fix this by using another e4p. I guess the old one was corrupt or something. But to the next problem. When i lift up the victim the stretcher model remain empty even though the victim is there. Any fix for that?
  2. Hello, I have added another pair of "paramedics" to my mod. Its the standard paramedics 2x with a strecther they are carrying. They have been added in game to they're designated vehicle. However, when they are going to lift an injured person they get stuck in the pickup animation. Is there a solution for that? Thanks.
  3. I changed the fp_script and took from another mod, that made it working. So many thanks for leading me to the solution itchboy!
  4. I have only added two vehicles. And those do not spawn. The others are still in the script because im to lazy to remove them.
  5. Thanks for the reply, the prototype is correct. The other ones named 02 LA Fire Department are from the old mod. I have pretty much built fire station 1 from the WestFalls mod and added "it" into my private one on a new map. All the VO names etc are built the same as in the original script, just with another name for the units involved(551/558). I have doublechecked the VO names and prototype names and haven't found anything wrong. What exactly is the Actorlist, i haven't thought on that before tbh. Line 341 is corrected.
  6. Imo that is exactly what ive done. But as it doesnt work i am obviously missing out on some parts..
  7. Hello, Im currently playing around with the westfalls scripts in a private mod im creating. However, i am stuck on the WestFallsFireStationStart/LAFireStationStart script. I can't manage to add units from start in game.. Can somone see anything wrong in the script? Note that i am purely using the script to add two new units, the other ones are not relevant/not used in the mod. Things done: -Added VO for every single point, see screenshots. -Added the correct properties in the editor like gate1,2 etc. WestFallsFireStationStart.script
  8. Thank you for the help! It was super easy to do in GIMP.
  9. Hello, Im currently trying to edit/reskin the personnel texture files from the vanilla files. However, even though the files are unlocked in the editor they are almost fully white/blank. Any tip on how to progress?
  10. Hello forum. Im working on a private mod and there has been a long time since i modded. Im trying to add The standard rapid deployment script to the mod from la mod. The script itself works, however on the first try, The FF's only get out and gets firehoses but miss to connect. Why is it like that? -Is there any way to make fires spread slower, and to make them take longer to put out? Kind regards
  11. Fantastic mod with some great features. However i noticed some small bugs(most of them is already adressed in the 1.2 video on yt, so i won't bring them up). See down below. -Lack of equipment in some vehicles. Some examples: No jaws of life in the DEMA rescue truck, no firehose in the DEMA hose tender(http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_rofl.gif), no SCBA in the rapid response unit. All of these is easy to fix, however i thought it was good to adress them if they weren't already noticed by your team. -And the watertank is currently bugged out on every vehicle. For me it seems like every vehicle got an unlimited tank, however after i while it gets empty without showing it on the indicator. -Small fire station, 4x4 vehicle with lake pumping capability. When you withdraw the unit from pumping from the lake with one firefighter inside, he will dissapear. Is there any additional larger incidents planned where DEMA can be called in more? Bus crash, train crash, chemical incident etc? Like always, great job with the mod itself!
  12. There is one thing to write alot of features, but not to show them is really poor imo. We will see after release though..
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