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  1. There's a script that runs after loading that spawns and sets values for vehicles, find "setspeed" in it and adjust for each vehicle. Traffic vehicle speed is set in the paths they follow, and you'd have to change those in the map editor.
  2. I started to, but realized I don't have the time at the moment. I'll try again soon, but I'll have to reacquaint myself since it's been years since I really messed with the game as a whole.
  3. Well, there's the method used in the old NYC mod: a script that constantly scans an area containing the map spawn points for units, and then runs commands like those I mentioned when it detects a unit there. Could take a look at that.
  4. There's a limit to how many commands can be put under the Equipment submenu; exceed it and that happens. I don't remember exactly offhand, but 10 is probably the limit as seen there
  5. Last emergency-forum post and video from the team was over a year ago it seems.
  6. Yes, actually. A line in each vehicle spawn script can do it. Find the last "PushActionShowHide" command before the Lights/Sirens/Move commands, and insert a "PushActionWait" in front of it, like so: n.PushActionTurnTo(ACTION_APPEND,Rotate); n.PushActionWait(ACTION_APPEND,5.0f); n.PushActionShowHide(ACTION_APPEND,false); The numerical value is time in seconds you want to delay the vehicle appearing and carrying out further actions.
  7. When I saw Alex's video, I was really surprised at a sudden public release of this. Dusted off the ol' game to give her a try. Great quality! Traffic can be an issue, with vehicles getting stuck at intersections for unknown reasons (but probably the usual traffic light glitches). Treatment system is nice, but needing to RTFM outside the game makes it difficult. Script error. Context: After manually sending ranger to a scene, dispatched two more, and error occurred on second attempt. !Buy park ranger car ?(_LACallPatrolCar833e8): Error: Symbol n is not defined in current scope ?(_LACallPatrolCar833e8): FILE:mod:/scripts/game/command/LACallPatrolCar.script833e8 LINE:495 ?(_LACallPatrolCar833e8): Error: Failed to evaluate n.SetSpeed(12.0f) ?(_LACallPatrolCar833e8): Possible candidates are... ?(_LACallPatrolCar833e8): filename line:size busy function type and name ?(_LACallPatrolCar833e8): ?(_LACallPatrolCar833e8): !!!Dictionary position rewound... ?(_LACallPatrolCar833e8): !!!Error recovered!!!
  8. You may just have to replace it with the original mod map, or figure out which Virtual Objects (I assume this is what you refer to) you deleting and recreate them with the same names and locations.
  9. I think the mod currently uses the same vehicle dispatching methods as the original LA mod: police officers can call patrol cars and air unit, and fire captains can call some fire and medical units, and then everything else uses the base game menus.
  10. The first post has the LAPatrol scripts with the change implemented.
  11. Quick idea is to check that the map object is named correctly, and that it has no flags/properties that would allow it to be interacted with in any way (I had a flag set that would allow a crane to pick up an object I used when I first added Limited Water to my personal mod). Can also try these lines GameObjectList spawnerList("SCSpawner"); if (spawnerList.GetNumObjects()>0) { GameObject Obj=spawnerList.GetObject(0); Game::ExecuteCommand("SpawnVehicles",&Obj); System::Log("Freeplay: Vehicle Spawns Started"); } else System::Error("Freeplay: Vehicle Spawner Not Found");
  12. Should just need the language string. <string name="SBAS_ChangeAS">Text Here</string>
  13. Arson Callout: Be funny to take care of the suspect with him, though.
  14. Wherever you find a PushAction used. You can likely find a ACTION_NEWLIST PushAction somewhere in the script, and then you can add the PushActionExecuteCommand line as an ACTION_APPEND like the example.
  15. Yeah, as I said, that method was quick and dirty. The better option is done with a PushAction to activate the flood light command during EmptyCar, like so: Caller->PushActionWait(ACTION_NEWLIST, 0.05f); Caller->PushActionExecuteCommand(ACTION_APPEND, "ActivateFloodLightsCommandName", Caller, 0, false);
  16. And you can add the opposite to the EnterCar script to reverse the effect.
  17. It's an option in the em4.cfg file, "e4_doocclusion". Changing the value to 0 will disable that effect.
  18. A quick and dirty way could involve a small edit to the EmptyCar script by adding these two lines: v.EnableSpecialLights(true); v.EnableBlueLights(false);
  19. It's an option in the em4.cfg file, "e4_doocclusion", I think. Change that to value to "1" and that should happen.
  20. Those open-top engines make this mod very unique; unexpected amount of variations, too. While I'm at it, one nice detail change would be a more appropriate station alarm sound. I know that one of the past LA submods had a fire bell noise that would work.
  21. Did you delete the original object? The missing commands (assuming that's the issue) were assigned to that object in the map editor; I avoid that by adding all the assigned commands to the objects in the spawn script. Speaking of, there is a name that the freeplay startup script checks objects for to run the spawn script on it/them.
  22. It would be interesting to see a script that gives helicopters the Fire Plane function.
  23. OpenHouses can be weird. Most likely, the person didn't actually enter the house, but managed to get inside the space. Since they aren't "in" the house, they can't exit it properly.
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