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  1. thanks for the reply man means a lot!! i dont want to re upload justbecauseof the awesome little buildings i put haha and some vehicle work...While i can do basic stuff i am not sure what i deleted...BUT if someone can figure out (who is an actual modder) what triggers them in the midtown manhattan mod...I could probably fix this! Or maybe teach me how to create new spawn point for all call out vehicles lol ill throw someone a couple bucks to spend some time with me! i really want to fix this thanks again" Anthony
  2. Sorry to double post but i think I know what I have done! I must have deleted an object that triggers the spawns for that spot, Is there a way to locate them and put them back? ANY help is much appreciated personally not anticipating a response as it seems people do not use these forums anymore!
  3. So, this is a weird one, I truly hope this is the right place to ask.. everything looks great and works fine, but when I call a vehicle could be any even a tow truck... it does not come into the map. I am honestly thinking something is blocking their path I've went into the map editor and nothing is there.. I say this though because it has that computer where you can call units for mutual aid, that works but not for any trucks coming from this specific spawn location... I've re colored some trucks and deleted some buildings, and before that it worked so I'm not sure what happened but I know I didn't touch any spawn stuff or mess up any path ways... Is it possible to make all vehicles spawn in a diff location without adding one by one? Any help appreciated man haha just want to play!
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