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  1. Currently running into an issue trying to get precision parking working in multiplayer. In this version, the ability is a modification of the move command, rather than a command attached to the units. The feature works fine in SP, with you holding E+RClick to create a parking marker. In multiplayer, players other than the host are unable to create a parking marker, however if the host holds E while the other player is attempting to right click to move a unit, it creates the parking marker and assigns it to the proper player and executes without issue. Any ideas on how to make it so that the host doesn't have to hold E to allow for the creation? I've included the script below. Thanks. move.script
  2. Picked up working on my personal stuff yet again and running into an issue with commands. I'm trying to move the SCBA, HAZMAT commands to the "Get Equipment" menu. Some of them go in fine with no issue, but there is always one that overlaps with the "Get Equipment" command in the UI. I've included these screenshots as an example. The command that overlaps is unable to be used.
  3. Thank you! I finally figured out that the actual animation lines of text were located in the rotor v3o and not in the actual helicoper v3o so that problem has been fixed and all the animations are working properly! Again, thank you for your help!
  4. Yeah definitely did do some modeling edits.. Guess new animations will be the focus for a bit haha. Thank you for the quick response! This is the helicopter I've come up with.
  5. Hello all, I recently found a new helicopter model which came with animations for the rotors. I copied the respected files into my mod's directory, but when opening the prototype in the editor, there are no animations listed. Is there some sort of process I have to go through to get the animations to appear, or some file that I'm missing? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi all, Recently I've been trying to make myself some new buildings for my mod. I've been using Sketchup as a base to create the model and apply the textures I'm looking for. Afterwards, I scaled and imported into Zmod3. In Zmod, I'm noticing that not all walls are rendering in. Some walls are either missing or become invisible depending on the angle of view. All visible walls have textures applied and the texture files are in the same folder as the model. Regardless, I renamed the model, selected all and exported as v3o. I then created a new prototype in the editor and selected my model. Now the editor crashes instantly while trying to spawn the model in. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks.
  7. That was incredibly stupid of me... I never edited the buildings geometric after cloning the e4p from another building... That should fix it lol I appreciate your help.
  8. Tried this multiple times over until the boxes were extremely small with still no results, going to try deleting and recreating the VOs and see if that changes anything. Edit: No luck still. Not really sure what to do, adequate space between "nogo" areas and parking VOs, station model has no floor and adequate width, height, and length clearance, all geoms are tiny and always use is checked. VOs have been recreated and are max size, and still only the same two units are able to park.
  9. Hello all, I've modeled myself a new "station", got it in game and all, but now I'm having issues getting units to park there. I've utilized existing VOs for the "walls" and gaps between parking spaces, and set up park, pad, and turn for all units. All VOs have been placed into the LAToFireStation with the appropriate e4p associations. All units are able to go to station, reach the pad and turn phases, but only 2 of the 6 units are able to park in the station. The rest act as if there is some object preventing them from backing into the station, and instead get stuck at the pad location or drive around to the rear of the building and stop. The two that are able to park are consistently able to do so without issue. I've included screenshots from both the editor and game. Any help is appreciated.
  10. After playing EM4 for the past 8-9 years, I figured it was about time I gave the modding thing a shot. Info: To start off with, this mod is and most likely forever will be private. I've pulled bits and pieces from so many content creators that tracking everyone down and receiving approval would be far too tedious, and releasing with out permission is not something I'm willing to do. This mod is **very loosely** based off units from Fort Worth, Texas. This has been just as much of a learning experience for me as it has been a fun way to waste all the spare time I seem to have found. I plan on endlessly changing and updating things as I learn new methods, ideas, and concepts, so I expect to be fairly active on this topic. Tips and tricks welcomed and appreciated!! As of the time of this post, I assume I've put roughly ~60hrs into the development. I'll try my best to answer any questions, and opinions are welcome! Plans: The goal of this project, as previously stated is to help myself learn what EM4 modding is. So far I've done texturing, map work, lighting, animating, slight model edits, scripting and added lots of custom elements. I'd like for this to end up not showing any significant signs of the base mod, and to feel entirely Lakeview. At the time of making this post, I have two units left that I plan to make new textures for. Next I plan on going on and attempting to model in some new fire stations, as with my current unit planning, 3 bays per station is not enough. New firefighter models have been added, excellent work by Bama, as well as new medic and stretcher crews. I do plan on redoing police and then eventually onto map texture edits. You can view all my screenshots here. Units: Gameplay: Update 6/10: Various credits to: Hoppah/LA Mod Team, Itchboy, Bama/Montana Mod Team, Blackout/Squad 55 crew, Mentor1159, MikeyPI, SOCOM552, NNico **if any other authors are missing, which I'm sure there are, please advise and it will be updated**
  11. Just read another one of your topics on that subject and figured it out, thanks for the quick reply
  12. That tool seems to be working just fine for me, thank you. I've now ran into another issue now. This may probably just a stupid mistake on my part, however whenever I go to export my changes to v3o, the file exports blank, file size of 0kb and cannot be re-opened by zmod.
  13. Hello all, I'm trying to animate a model. I've gotten to the point of following Hoppah's tutorials of creating additional v3o's with the frames I'd like it to follow. My issue now is using his animation converter. I cannot get excel to use the file. I've tried the most recent, being Office 365, as well as going online and downloading a copy of Excel 2007, neither of which has given me any success. Both instances tell me the file is damaged and the code has been lost. I am able to view the file, see the necessary sheets, the issue only comes when I try and click the buttons to use the sheet. I have gone into my settings and enabled all macros. Thanks.
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