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  1. All events are scripted to happen. What event are you trying to remove? Does this event happen in various places on the map?
  2. I think I just added the command in the editor, now come to think of it. let me try that and get back to you.
  3. i would like for them to call any ambulance on the map. I don't know how to script. I have been able to add vehicles to a script with success and with help. and change vehicles on the map add VO's for a script. I don't know how to create one.
  4. I want to add this to police officers.
  5. I believe that one of the mods that I was using had a Call Ambulance Script. I have searched and cannot find it. Does anyone have this script or can help me with it. Norm,
  6. Take a look at this it has help a little. Itchboy has really helped me. I am working on the Baltimore, Maryland Mod, I had to restart from scratch but I'm getting there. If you need some vehicle files, I can send some that Itchboy sent me if it's ok with him. Basic Modding Info (revised).pdf
  7. Hope I didn't just bump an old thread. If you open a v3o file in notebook or notebook++ or notebook2 and see a crazy jumbled mess, this file is still locked it must be unpacked in the game editor. Norm,
  8. Work is going pretty good on Baltimore City Mod. Almost had to start over. Lost hard drive on my laptop. Maryland State Troopers, Baltimore City and Co. As well as Maryland Transportation Authority Police and maybe a few other agency. It takes time when you are working alone. I will soon need work on lights. And maybe help on specific vehicles.
  9. This link is not accessible: http://www.emergency-planet.com/tutorials/unit_images.zip
  10. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_07/image.thumb.png.9df500d940194db1a9b3e28fb2142271.png Basic Modding Info (revised).pdf
  11. The game always has a problem, no matter where at on the map. you have to have that amount of space between vehicles.
  12. I know this is a little old, but one thing I had to make sure of, is that each VO was wide enough and long enough. Norm,
  13. To completely remove a mod from the game, you have to remove it from your game files on your computer. You have to go to C:\ then go to \Program Files (x86) you then have to go to \WizardWorks or \SixteenTons, depending where your game folder is. Open this folder and you will see either \911 - First Responders or \Emergency4. Open this folder and look for your Mods folder. Open the Mods folder, here you will see all of the mods you have in-game. You then have to right-click the mod you want to delete. A dialogue box will open click on delete, this should prompt you to confirm that you want to delete this folder. Click yes and the mod will be deleted. Open your game and you will see that the mod is no longer in your mods menu. Norm,
  14. Changing a map in a mod is a lot of work. Instead of changing the map, I choose the mod that has the map that I like. If you wish to share it after you develop it you need to get the creator of that mod permission. A map relies on scripts and the vehicles it uses as well as the VO's (Virtual Objects) on the map. You can drag and drop the map you want to use into your mod. You than should open the mod in the Editor. Load the map and study the VO's to familiarize yourself as to there location and orientation. Next study your game scripts To Police Station Scripts To Fire Station Scripts, and To Hospital Scripts. If you want to know which scripts your vehicle uses open your mod in the Editor. Go to edit-go to scene and your prototype window will open. Click on your vehicle category (such as LA Ambulance). Click on your vehicle, then click edit. Your vehicle information window will open. Click on Edit Commands. This will open the Command Editor. All the Commands on the left are commands in the game. All the Commands on the right are the commands that your vehicle uses. All of these commands are script driven. the goto commands correspond to a place on the map according to the VO. There is more but I hope this helps. Norm,
  15. How much do you have done? How much are you asking for help with. Do you have screenshots to show us what you have done? Norm,
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