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  1. Lovely thus far! I haven't encountered any noticeable bugs, but I would suggest maybe making traffic a little less dense. A lot of the roads seem to get clogged up pretty quickly.
  2. Not to sound goofy, but isn't there some kind of legal option to prevent one from stealing a bunch of your stuff for their own mod?
  3. That's unnecessarily rude and not helpful in the slightest.
  4. If I had to bet those probably belonged to the bomb squad. Maybe on Catalina Island as well? I know LASD has a presence out there, not sure about LAPD though.
  5. Long time no speak. Had to move back to the states and life just caught up with me for a while. I didn't mean 51 itself but moreso just a Dodge paramedic squad. Something about that truck just really does it for me.
  6. Would love to see Squad 51 end up in the mod. Beautiful work as always, I use this more often than regular LA mod now.
  7. I think part of it too would have to deal with the fact that there's not nearly as much of a fixation/interest in the emergency services of the Middle East compared to Europe and the US. I don't think there's much of a buffing scene in most of the ME, just because the jobs are viewed differently over there than here.
  8. Always love stumbling in here once a century to glance at things people are working on. Great content as always, Itchboy.
  9. I ended up making my own UV templates for the LA Mod vehicles because of that distortion.
  10. The only thing I could suggest (I'm very new to this website, but I've modded the game and stalked these forums in anti-social fear for years) has already been suggested. One of the first things I ever did in Emergency 4 was take the unmarked Crown Victoria from LA Mod and turn it into a slicktop Homeland Security car. It was generally terrible and I ended up corrupting the model on my first five tries, but I got it eventually. Christ, that's been about six years now. I'm not much of a modeler or a coder, but if you ever want some Photoshop advice, I'm happy to give you all the help you need.
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