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  1. Just out of curiosity, Is there a way to change the frequency of fire calls and lower the frequency of medical calls? I only had 1 building fire and I Loved it, I want to do it way more.
  2. I'm such an idiot, Lol thanks I just got my computer back from HP and they had to replace my SSD so I forgot to install winrar. Thank you so much, I thought I would never play modded EM4 again
  3. Please help!!!! This is a repost because for some reason nobody saw it
  4. Please help it does this to every mod that requires mod installer
  5. Oh. Oh wow that's not good. Well when it comes to the HD and 4k I found it was just my folders being as unorganized as A high schoolers locker I deleted all my Em4 files and just went to steam and re-installed it . That completely fixed the entire thing but hearing this news just makes me as sad a kid without parents. At least I know its just not me being dumb and letting my computer go to sh*t. Thank you Itchboy.
  6. Thank you A lot That fixed the entire thing!
  7. If you Don't Understand what I'm saying I made a Video
  8. So For the past few days I've been trying to install mods on Emergency 4 and yes I know how to do it and I know I'm doing it right but every mod that doesn't require modinstaller doesn't show up I'll drag a mod folder over to my mods folder and It doesn't show up for some reason.
  9. Yes I do Get a Script error almost every time I get them I press ignore and it works but if I press ignore the paramedic gets stuck and I cant move him sort of like if you clicked on a citizen you can't control a citizen but it says the person is there
  10. The Med-flight breaks the game when you send it to the hospital with someone hurt in it
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