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  1. I have the idea that many factors in modern setups are limiting potential and functionality of EM4. So you say it yourself, in Windows XP there shouldn't be lag. In that case, as I already was imagining, building a Windows XP setup might be the most trustworthy option. I found out in the readme file that these video cards are supported. What video card with the same architectural structure would you recommend me to try? processor and windows XP in 32 bit? What cpu would you recommend? I do know that NorthernAlex from that YouTube channel plays smoothly on 4k. I did sent him a message via his website hoping to receive an answer what he is using. If i receive an answer, I will post it here. In the meantime I would be happy to hear your opinion and dig a little further.
  2. What setup are you using? Which hardware and software? And which screen resolution do you use for Em4? Edit: i even tried reinstalling windows completely and install em4 with one or two mods.
  3. no, the problem is most probably your scaling settings. Check if windows increased text scale from 100 to 150%. If it's more than 100%, change it back to 100% and the problem should disappear.
  4. Hello, I would like to know what kind of setup would be most compatible with Emergency 4, to be run with mods smoothly in 4k. Currently I'm running on socket 775 Q9300 quad 2,5 ghz, 4 GB RAM, windows 10 and I have tested the next videocards: Geforce GT220 (crap) AMD Radeon 5870 (crap) Geforce 960GTX (crap) Geforce 9600 GT (good) I have also tried several performance tweaks such as disabling mbfastcopy, changing CPU affinity, control panel and compatibility settings, etc. All cards were tested at Full HD (1920x1080). So with the first three videocards, in vanilla and in mods the framerate drops to 15 when a vehicle is selected. With my oldest and in comparison weakest video card, Emergency 4 runs stable between 25-30 fps when a vehicle is selected. I would like to know other user experiences for playing Emergency 4 with mods in Full HD and/or 4k, what setup you are using and which windows? Would it be better install windows XP if the pc is dedicated for Emergency 4? Let me hear your experience.
  5. Bro, welcome back. This is what you are looking for. Mod list by NorthernAlex: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1eCbVsGfljJpY--YFowbxLDJLBkVBmNo-T0o0oeWdQd4/htmlview#gid=2060606004 Including notes and official download links. Website with many EM4 mods: HOME | E4 Mod Downloads (wixsite.com) His fb page with videos of the mods: Emergency 4 Mod Downloads - Startpagina | Facebook Extra download site (register new account in order to download): emergency-forum.de And ofcourse here on emergency-planet.com Interested in a multiplayer round of EM4?
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