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  1. Hi there, small updates on vehicles: Fire Dept. Boston reworked the Mack engine and added alot more details! Another buyable engine. We also made a bunch of new trees to replace the ones i had made before: In the scripts area i made extensions to our waterlogic. It now supports foamtanks and simulates hose failures. I will add also add a simple water pressure logic so that you can't extend your lines forever. I also started work on different siren control panels. Here is a small preview: More updates coming soon!
  2. Here is a preview of our watertank logic and some other features:
  3. Hey,

    is there a way to contact you via pn? It always says that you can't receive messages ...

    1. EmC-Unit


      Hi, they are not closed

  4. We are planning on adding shark attacks as an emergency call. Yes we plan to add all types of the calls you have mentioned to the mod. There will be some wait time between the calls but you will have things to do between them. There will be no map change system. One of the fire engines is ready: Authors: RD_Saarland, Fire Dept. Boston, Montana Mod, Rachammer And we have 2 new map screens for you:
  5. Yes the scripts hides firefighters that are upstairs. The only problem is the pathfinding from first to second floor. You have to position the firefighters on the stairs otherwise they sometimes won't find the way up. EM4 isn't really made for such purposes.
  6. Here a small preview of the fire station and some things you can do there:
  7. The station is not finished yet and is still being worked on. We will look into that but because there is a lack of 3d models from old cars there will be modern cars too. Here is the first screenshot of one of the battalion chief vehicles you can buy ingame: Authors: NNICO, RD_Saarland, Fire Dept. Boston, RK-1000 There will be multiple designs available that you can choose for your vehicles.
  8. Hi there, I'm now working together with Fire Dept. Boston on this mod. Today i bring you an early preview of the fire station: The station was made by RD_Saarland and Fire Dept. Boston. It will be fully walkable with lots of things to do between callouts. I will make an in depth preview as soon as the station is fully finished.
  9. Thanks for the info i didn't know that. I will correct it. I'm not familiar with the US police, ems and fire departments organization. Around 8k Polys. With all childs up to 15k polys (depends on the configuration). They use a 2048x2048px texture. Childs share a 512x512px texture. While that are quit large polygon numbers i don't see any issue using them in EM4. There are alot Polish mods around where one truck has up to 40k polys and they work on my system just as fine. Lower spec graphics card (intel integrated) will of course suffer from this even to the point that the game won't lo
  10. Thanks for your replies. Here are some more screenshots. Thanks to RD_Saarland who gave me his version of the Crown Victoria Interceptor, personell and different police equipment. Creators: RD_Saarland, Wittener, Flo. Wesermarsch, BMA, Saugschlauch, CG IDA, bama1234 Click on the image for a high resolution picture.
  11. Hi there, at the moment there are no fire fighthing units ready to show off. But i finally finished the fire station and I'm working on the interior now. But i brought screenshots of an Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor that i finished today. see other post ... I was heavily inspired by different cars from california. There will be more variants of this car present with different lightbars and paint scheme variations.
  12. Happy new year everyone. I finished a small pier today. As always i used lots of assets from sketchfab, free3d and blendswap.
  13. Hi there, long time there was no update because i'm working on another mod too. This is only my side project. However, today i worked on another small scenery on the map. As always i used lots of assets from sketchfab, free3d and blendswap. Authors are: renafox, joe_carrot, mik-art, kathiastaff, kojocci, vietboi17, TraianDumbrava, Jeff Smith, tpoveda and MGD Films
  14. Hi there, a new area of the map is finished. Again i used assets from sketchfab. Authors are renafox, tpoveda, 3dhdscan and TrolliZBS. The Peterbilt Truck is made by Carman.
  15. As long as you can run my other mod you should be fine. I depent texture size on how important the object is to the scene. I.e. Vehicles usually 2048x2048 textures and buildings between 1024x1024 and 2048x2048. The pipes you mentioned have a 256x128 pixels texture and the building 1024x1024. I only use new trees for the vegetation. The branches have a 512x512 pixel textures and the trunk a 256x256 pixel resolution. I never had any problems regarding texture size in any of my mods. In my private mods i even use texture sizes up to 4096x4096. As long as you don't have an old graphics card (
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