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  1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year So guys it is that time of year again, another year is nearly done and a new one on the horizon. The Essex mod team would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year we also wish to thank everyone for the continued support and interest everyone shows towards this project, it's always encouraging to receive positive feedback and is great for the teams moral. We spend countless hours working on this mod all for free, with our aim to make the best/most immersive UK mod ever for the Emergence series. As each month goes past we get a little closer towards a release I'd like to think we will be able to release something within the next 12 months with or without a custom map. It's now time for our latest dev update I have prepared a large collection of photos showcasing the last few weeks work which includes a lot of new map assets which populate an area on the map called the Cedar Park Trading Estate, here local residents + builders will be able spend their money at various D.I.Y stores, there is also a telecoms site which will have some custom vans/trucks but are unable to feature in this update. Next Cedar park is a road called Bentall's Close which features a new build block of flats, decorating center and a builders merchants. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgfaBjtWX8w I hope you guys enjoy these pictures as you'll see pretty much all the objects are built from scratch specifically designed for Emergency 5 I'm sure you'll appreciate the amount of time, effort and research that has gone into it. If you'd like to support this project you can donate to the team here https://ko-fi.com/essexmodteam Well guys that is it from us, we will be back in 2024 with another productive year planned Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Essex Mod Development Team
  2. You can download the Wuppertal mod using the Ludenscheid mod app which can be downloaded from here https://emergency-luedenscheid.de/filebase/entry/1-emergency-luedenscheid/
  3. You can download the tool from the new emergency forums https://em-hub.de/filebase/file/177-free-camera-tool/
  4. It was quite a shock for myself and the team to read that the German forum has closed down today, it is a first for the community and we are saddened by the news The only good bit of news from that post is that their discord will still remain open. That said Myself and the team have put an huge amount of effort into building the Essex mod for Emergency 5 since that time over a year ago now I've managed to assemble a really talented team and have made some great friendships from people across various countries, this to me is what modding should be about, it is an enjoyable experience for us and a hobby we pour endless hours into. We have no plans on giving up what we started and shall continue to update the page on emp and on our own discord channel
  5. Animation tutorial now available for the 3ds max workflow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWY_T5ecEdM
  6. Hey guys myself and KillerConsti are going to merge all of our tutorials on this topic KillerConsti has just released a new video covering a much asked question how to make a unit playable? Well here is your answer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkiCQLjRUUU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az5fTNfH5NA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyV5Sfosjqc We will continue adding more tutorials as soon as we can If you have any questions about modding Emergengency 5 please ask here
  7. Good Evening all, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, The Mod team have certainly had a productive last week or two and it's now time to share what we've been working, this update will mostly focus on Environmental assets for the map but we do have a new vehicle currently being made too First on the list to share is a small collection of UK road signs with a working light above the signs, this is the first of multiple packs to come Next is a collection of images showcasing the development of an residential area near the fire station the area is still a work in progress and is likely to change as we continue to build an extensive UK environmental asset library Coming soon to the Vehicle collection is the Audi S3 it will be serving as a fire chiefs car available in both marked and unmarked variants https://www.flickr.com/photos/saxonessex/52014116485/ That's all for now Happy Weekend Essex Mod Development Team
  8. Awesome work Beaverfield team, looking forward to release
  9. Yes indeed there is! So We've been back from our summer break for a month or so now and have got back into the swing of things and it is now time to share with you what we have been working on firstly we've been putting a lot more effort into map making and understanding on how best to construct our environment models, we have also re designed the way we create our roads, opting for road markings as alpha textures instead of directly on the road model texture. This will allow the user a lot more freedom should they want to build their own map, they can simply place a road down and then add the required road markings to it as desired. In these pictures you can see our new road models/alphas and new buildings of course. For those who follow us on our discord page you will know that the much anticipated update on our Scania is now ready to showcase, so after an unholy amount of work on this model we are now at a place where we are happy to show it off, due to the complex geometry of the cab and all the other bits that have been need to make up it's prefab we are proud to showcase it as our best piece of work to date and hope it won't disappoint you Scania lovers our there An Example of the scania can be found here for comparison, still a few tweaks to do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff2VGbM-qYA That is it from us today guys we hope you enjoyed the update, stay tuned for me Essex Mod Development Team
  10. If I recall correctly it is left control (press once or twice I can't remember) then use Q and E to rotate
  11. Ludenscheid and Wuppertal are the main mods for Emergency 5 at the minute. Beaverfield is a US mod currently in development along with the Essex mod witch is the first UK mod.
  12. I believe this has to be done manually if your playing the game without mods, however some mods like Ludenscheid have included this in their mod.
  13. Hi, No updates yet we've been having a summer break work is going to resume shortly though
  14. Hey guys! Just a quick update from the team we wish to share the latest images on the Scania P280 with the Angloco body More to come soon Thanks Essex Mod Development Team
  15. Hello all, It's time for another developer update from the team. First of all I need to inform you of some rather big changes witch have happened within the Essex mod as most of you will know we was planning to use Ludenscheid a base to build Essex mod upon but after much discussion within the team we have come to a conclusion that we feel the best course of action for the mod is to step away from Ludenscheid and switch to Wuppertal. This is mostly to allow our coders/scripters the freedom and creativity to produce their best work, it also means we can make our work open source allowing others to get into modding Emergency 5 and hopefully more UK mods. This is not a dig at Ludenscheid we greatly appreciate their work and was grateful that they gave us the opportunity in the first place and we wish them the best for the future Over the last month or so we've been switching our LDS build to Wuppertal and have managed to keep most of our work without to much set backs. With that said we can take a look at what else we have been working on our Coders KillerConsti and Lennard have been busy developing some new bits for us and we'd like to share some work in progress clips of them. First off we have a pull over/chase button where the player will be able to pull over a selected vehicle, we are currently looking on how best to expand this once the vehicles has been pulled over, we will have more on this as it develops Next is a new script that once a player has arrested a person you will need another policeman to search the individual before placing him in a car/van for transportation back to station. We have also added the same water logic system witch can be found in wuppertal/lds to our Dennis fire engine with animated lockers ( UK fireman personnel textures coming soon ) Because of the new scripts we have planned/ in progress we are looking for someone who would be able to assist us in making some 2D UI icons If this would suit your talents please contact me The Nissan Navara HART IRU witch we showed off a little while ago has received some more updates including the Whelen liberty lightbar witch was kindly donated to us from Em4 modder V, The back has also been kitted out with medical equipment and is ready for frontline service Lastly as you know we try our best to make this mod as high quality as possible and to be the best UK mod every for any emergency game, Because of this we felt our existing Scania model was not up to scratch especially with it making up the bulk of Essex's fire service. So Fishboe has been busy working on a new model witch is shaping up very nicely and is a big improvement on the existing model, again more on this as it develops Old Model: New Model Stay tuned for more Essex Mod Development Team
  16. Saying EmC has a fragile ego and that he is gate keeping is somewhat insulting, Just because you don't like it and have access to his work to do as you please. It is up to modders to decided what happens with their work after release. I'm all for criticism too but this has to be done constructively. If your that disappointed with the mod why not take the time to learn the skills and develop one yourself?
  17. What an insulting comment and show's what kind of person you really are I would like to say more but I will avoid getting myself banned. I would of thought you are one of the first to complain that there isn't enough modders out there anymore, and your comment is the reason why most modders have left. Emc has given a whole lot of his free time ( more than most ) to create a mod for the community to play free of charge and what for? to be insulted by someone like you? If you don't like it why not make something yourself? I guess you can't and don't have the talents of EmC, but are much better at disrespecting people and there work. You are laughable and it's a shame you are part of this community
  18. Looks great Floh! So nice to see a USA mod/map in Emergency 5 am very much looking forward to see it being released it's a much needed boost for Emergency 5 Well done Beaverfield Team From Freelancer & Essex Mod Team
  19. Hey guys, We have some more images of the BMW X5 we'd like to share with you witch includes 3 versions, traffic/armed/unmarked all the marked versions feature the whelen justice lightbar, you may be aware from the pictures that they all have the same number plate but this will be changed soon Traffic Armed Unmarked @Ripper31 Unfortunately the Peugeot 308 will be included but you will be pleased to know that Ford Focus estate and Vauxhall Astra estate will make up the bulk of the police force Thanks guys Essex Mod Development Team
  20. I would have to disagree, yes it looks confusing at first just like any new software. But just like anything it takes a little time and practice. Emergency 4 is really old and uses outdated techniques Where as Em5 bring everything to modern standards with PBR textures and a much more modern/powerful and in fact an easier to use editor. There will be more tutorials on the way, I hope I can persuade some of you guys to make the jump. If you have any questions please leave me a message here or join the Essex mod discord and message me personally on there. We do all we can to support newcomers
  21. Hey guys, Work continues on building the alpha and getting units functional, Now we have our first two sets of sirens one for the Volvo and the other for the Dennis, We also have working rear reds on the Volvo as seen in the video https://youtu.be/WOmp98wRLX4 Fishy has also been busy building his next model and it looks Here is his BMW F15 2016 X5 Model witch will be an ARV and traffic unit More to come on this soon Thanks guys Essex Mod Development Team
  22. Hi, The Mod is not available for download yet
  23. Hey guys, We've been a bit quiet recently but don't worry we're still here, I've been busy trying to build an alpha version for the team and trying to deal with all the issues that comes with it, so progress has slowed down while we work our way through these issues. In the meantime I've got some renders to show off from our latest 3D artist to join the team "HeymallHero" Here is the Nissan Navara Pick up truck witch will server as a HART unit. The model is not quite finished and needs a piece built on the back and of course the lightbar witch will be coming soon.... That's it for now guys Stay tuned for more Essex Mod Development Team
  24. "Mod creators should be glad that their work is being used in other mods" Again this is so wrong, I don't know what your modding abilities and weather you've made a mod but mod creators are just happy to release their work after what can take up to years of development. To assume this statement you've made is wrong. Modders are not happy to see their work ripped off and see others claim it's their own due to the fact they've slapped some different colours onto it. The only way you can achieve the skill set of itchboy is to do the exactly same thing he and others before him have done and invest your time in learning. We've all had to do it and have taken many years of trail and error. As "AShadowbox" mentions above you can not be so entitled to tell mod creators what to do with they work. If you don't like it, make it yourself just like we all did. If a mod creator wants to sell their product for GTA 5 then they have every right to, they've invested their own time into it and what is wrong with a little reward, most paid mods I've seen are cheap. People seem to forget making mods can cost money take for example my Essex mod for Em5 I've paid out for every single one of our blueprints so we can have the highest quality drawings possible. Then not to mention I pay for Substance painter witch is my 3D texture program, again to achieve the best finish possible. and of course high quality PBR Textures this is adding up to hundred's of pounds, all of this comes out my own pocket witch I will release for free. Then I have to read about someone complaining about modders because they can't get their own way? Unfortunately your post is making you look bad, this is what is wrong with the community self entitled individuals disrespecting the hard work of modders.... The old saying "don't bite the hand that feeds you" comes to mind...
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