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  1. Will Battalion and EMS Bat return?
  2. its the coranas you didn't install with this mod that it comes with read the Read Me PDF and it'll get rid of the white boxs
  3. Well again its that point the units suppose to park up front of the station, if the creator intends for units to park there and its just bugged maybe he'll fix it, I mean I could be wrong, but I don't think units returning to the side lot is intentional. Again, if the creator wants to correct me then I'll take it as I was wrong.
  4. For the problem as far as the PD units, "there's no space at the police station" due do fact you have three units parked up in the front of the station, units spawn in the side lot, but can't return there unless you use the parking script
  5. This mod is awesome, I don't mind the frequent calls, I actually don't the money issue either, tbh the only this that confuses me more then really upsets me is why when I have at least one of the units I call in, it buys another one, like the Prisoner transport, or the SRT team, again not upset bout it just confused You don't need diver for that callout, the crane can pick it up without the water balloon
  6. Ok I understand, I suppose wouldnt have to be be 2011 just a mode crown Vic you have it’s all white with ram bar, I guess just lemme know thanks
  7. Idk itchboy if decided on the POVs or not yet but if want a interesting idea I drive a 2011 retired CVPI, I have a front full size visor light red, in the corners of the dash I have a 2 light dash light red a rear full size red TA (for purposes of this itd be red, but mine changes to amber in TA mode) I have 3 surface mount lights along the bottom trim under the doors, one on the front side of bumper, and one on the ram bar, and then a 4 grill lights and headlight flasher strobe kit. Yes it’s a lot but just an idea, cause it’s a Vic after all for a POV, and I enjoy doin emergency lighting for
  8. I am re-starting a old mod of mine from scratch, I need some help due to time constraints on my end from class I attend. Which shouldn’t be to much long but then I have work I will be doing. Point is I need people who can help do things when I’m not able to work on it or help when I am able to. I need people who can help make the Custom Map, some Modeling some scripting, some skins and some lighting, even someone or people help make the events if I am unable to, I understand that absolutely no one prolly have any idea where this small Ohio Town is. But far as the towns Fire dept it’s spilt bet
  9. does anyone know if the Apache in US army is drivable unit, its in the files as one but no selection to call in it in, I was just wondering
  10. Hey can someone pls help me figure out in the script why battalion chief calls off map engine unit instead of the stationed units that are “on standby”
  11. I have another script question cause if this is possible I know I can figure it out, but is it theoretically possible in a American style mod to connect in this order from hydrant to engine, to go hydrant, to Tanker 1, to Tanker 2, and if need be continue for as many needed? To the Engine 1?
  12. So idk what’s up, but SWAT vehicle in a mod I’ve installed doesn’t give the SWAT officers ability to take M4 or ballistic shields off of it. The officers have the command, and icons, and the models and prototypes of both m4 and ballistic shields exist so how do I make the vehicle where the guys can get these equipment off the vehicle? Can someone please help?
  13. It is the LA map remake of the Boston mod that breaks for me so if someone could pls help much appreciated
  14. I downloaded Boston Mod V 1 I do believe sometime ago and for some right when loads in it crashes doesn't even start the game at all just immediately crash goes to home screen, i've managed to fix it by going and letting my game sit on multiplayer screen for a long time then loading in single player freeplay can someone as never been able to source this issue, or provide a file of this Boston mod that works? id if its the Boston Mod Encore or what that version is but if could either help me fix this version or provide me with that or both, i personally don't care i'd just like something, cause
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