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  1. Think they said not all buildings are enterable with the script which would make it where you don't need to vent it Also don't know if this BUG was found, but when I put units on stand-by, like Sheriff or highway patrol or the BEMS Supervisor, and click the button to call them, their lights and sirens turn on as if they're responding but they don't move
  2. is there way to change the MPFD ff speed? those firefighters are noticably faster than other FFs from the mutal aid depts and I know its sooo minor but I cant unsee it lol. Also read the read me again, just refreshing my self, does the ctrl + moveto command make the vehicle go faster? like is that in the game yet and if so what am I doing wrong, I have the two MPPD vics "racing" each others and they continue to run the same speed
  3. Only thing I know outa all of this is the when directional lights are turned on I think he purposely made it that way, a good few if the vehicles have similar actions. And the park ranger is the only who patrols through parking lot where the woods are and down by the fish and wildlife station
  4. I think you need to click on the hand icon, the "use" button while your guy is holding the binder agent, then where the car was, look for a place for the guy is able to use it, same for broom on the binder
  5. Just units to go to station, I’d personally prefer a fuller truck, obviously something cool would be a randomized amount of volunteers that respond each time, however that would take a fair bit of time, nonetheless for brush fires I like having the brush, engine and tanker go out, so personnel simply going to station would be nice. Also Itchboy, what am I doing wrong? I try to use the suction hose but no matter where or how I park my engines next to the water I the icon never shows for me, I did read the guide, but I just wanna know if it’s something I’m doing or if something is broken?
  6. Ok I was wondering after a quick browse through some files and stuff, there is a icon for it, the script is is there I believe and the engines have the script in the list that they have, so I was dead confused why it’s not working for me lol
  7. Well when the guide which I already read said make sure my vehicle is positioned properly with the parking script what does that mean? I’ve try that in multiple locations, I don’t even see the icon on my screen, never shows up. Where precisely can I use the suction works and how do I “position” the truck I’ve read the guide but with only two creeks there no where else to suction out of. So can someone please give me a answer that just isn't read the guide, I did, I don't know why when I park my engines next to the water, I don't know how close, how far, even when the side of my trucks are square sideways to the creeks, there is no Icon for the suction hose
  8. Hey does anyone know how to draft and if it’s even implemented yet? Just curious cause I haven’t figured it out, tried all bodies of water and doesn’t work least from what I’ve been trying
  9. Hey sorry to ask same question guys but can someone help me figure out drafting? I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but even with using parking script can’t figure it out
  10. Hey y’all I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong, unless I misread something in the read me or anything but how do I draft? Can only certain trucks? Also what spots of water can you draft from? Is it even implemented yet? Just would like to know, thanks
  11. How can you use the dispatcher? I've tried Alt+1 doesn't work and EMS and battalion chief crashes game
  12. Is the thing to change the years or the thing where you can have access to a dispatch screen to dispatch units
  13. In a Northern Alex video there's a dispatch system similar to Miami is that in yet or testing or something
  14. Watched a Northern Alex video on this, looks sooo good. Can't wait and I hope you're allowed to release it
  15. Will scripts like triage tarp, roof venting, tender/tanker and dump tank, drafting, interior attack, ladder climbing, Chief command and EMS captain and chiefs having radios, and ambulance escort like in COA be in this mod to? Or which ones if any
  16. Idk, I like the rescue 1 and 2, they look pretty good to me
  17. I hope you get the credits, its a great looking mod and looks top notch
  18. The Standard FF is so expensive why? makes calling in additional units a hassle cause if do it by call menu the 1 key, you drain all your money not mention game purchases a unit you already have bought, also, FF are like 8,000 when one with a mask is 75. Just curious why thats so and why game buys additional units like buys another engine 35 if have one already, and is not on map already?
  19. what page number is it on my bad
  20. Will Battalion and EMS Bat return?
  21. its the coranas you didn't install with this mod that it comes with read the Read Me PDF and it'll get rid of the white boxs
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