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Modding Concepts:

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Hmm, what about driving on the left side of the street? Would that be possible, if you know how to path correctly?

It's possible to make civilians drive on the left of the road, however impossible for emergency vehicles.

Civilians follow 1 path and can go anywhere you tell them.

Emergency vehicles have a two way path, preset so they drive on the right side of the road.

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Wkboy, I tried running the fire trucks on the left side and even when I put the "road" paths close, they still picked the one on the right, when i deleted the "right lane" then they went to the left, but then nothing was in the right lane.

also @frm, for the injuries and fire fighters, if i remember right the mods like LA mod have set so engines and what not cant be damaged, or firefighters take smoke/heat damage only blast and haz. In the editor you can alter all of that. I changed my game around so fires are hotter, do more damage, more smoke, so whenever i have building fires with folks inside they tend to be down when i arrive from smoke or heat. So it required fire fighters with SCBA to go in for the rescue.

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Alright, thanks for the feedback. I'll try and play around myself.

And how do you increase the amount of smoke? I think it'd look way better if fires actually had more/realistic amounts of smoke.

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You don't want to have too much smoke where it would lag the game up though.

this all depends on your comp, mine doesnt even break a sweat with this game even with mods/alterations. Also to much smoke can make it impossible to see x_x darn camera

anyways to alter it if i remember right just fiddle with the smoke effects in the editor, for me most house fires now produce smoke similar to that on the oil rig mission in the original game, pretty thick and black

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7. Hydrant/truck connections- I know winterberg did it, and its a common request... id like to see the ability to hook trucks up to hydrants... maybe limit how much water a truck can pump without having a hydrant connection.

7. Winterberg is essentially a recreation of freeplay using mission scripts from what I can tell. This means that it is not possible to recreate in freeplay. No one bothered putting it in their mod, as they figured that it would be too much trouble for the twenty or so missions people SOMETIMES play

Any idea what mission scripts this would be or what script controls this?!?!?!

I have been searching! Any tips in the right direction would be great!

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Yo, thought I'd throw a concept idea out here to get some feedback on things to take into account.

I'm hoping to write up a script (trying to get hoppah's involvement on this too) to run a search of a building.

So in terms of script this is how I was planning it.

1. Person (must be FF in SCBA)

2. Target (must be house with child 'DOOR')

3. Move to child position 'DOOR'

4. Hide person model (for around 1-2 minutes)

5. Create person (FF SCBA) in position (child 'DOOR' position)

6. Rand math (10% chance of appearing with an injured person)

a. if spawns with injured person (change animation to carrying injured and place injured person on FF although not too sure how to do that bit )

b. spawn normal - play message primary search found no vitims

c. 5% chance FF spawns with injured - low health - play message MAYDAY FF down

Obviously there's like a lot of stuff you could do with this kinda concept, but as a basic idea any feedback on things I might not have thought about or particular code lines suggested. If this was do-able it could completely alter the Fire part of the game engine, far more dynamic.


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I've been dabbling with ventilation, so far I've got the guys on the roof, made sliceable objects for the guys to cut up, but where would I even begin to make this affect the burn time or intensity? D:

Just thought I'd throw that out there :)

Hi! If you manage to write a script that finds and reads the fireobjects of the building they're standing on you can change a few FireObject settings by script.

class FireObject: public Actor
virtual bool IsValid() const;
void Burn();
void SetTemperature(float degree_); //!< Handle with care!
float GetMaxMaterialTemperature() const;
void SetMaterial(const char *material_);
void Large();
void Small();
void StopLarge();
void StopSmall();
void Stop();
bool IsBurning();
bool IsBurned();
void SetActive(bool active_);
void Restart();
virtual Vector GetPosition() const;
virtual void SetPosition(const Vector &v_);

This might help you out, but I never bothered with the FireObjects. Check out some of the original mission scripts to find out how to apply those codes.

I like the other idea (search building) more and I'm convinced its possible. However, I don't have a lot of time to help you with the script. My suggestion is to use the EnterHouse script and change it so you can both target open_houses AND objects named "door". However, you only want a victim or an injured firefighter when the building behind that door is actually burning, so that will make the script more complex.


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I was thinking that there could be a junkyard that the wreckers return to after an accident. Maybe some cars can spawn from there once and a while. It was just an idea. Idk if this has been mentioned. 

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Why not make the smoke act as a toxic substance, and poison everyone inside, per say. Also maybe makeit very heavy smoke. Then when you vent the structure the smoke dissipates some. Also maybe make it a requirement for entering the structure, otherwise there'd be a chance of a backdraft (I.E. explosion at the door when the FF tries to enter the structure)

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Hey guys I have a few ideas for mods which I think would work really well but I need someone to teach me how to do skins and map textures etc or do them for me please. Just message me if you are interested in making a couple of new mods.

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I've been thinking...

Could foam be possible?

If you were to create a new liquid type or new particle type.

It could be scripted to spawn at the target point for a cool or extinguish command, then it would fade away.

I guess what I'm saying is perhaps it could almost be modeled off the liquid effect from the broken hydrants in the deluxe edition.

Or even easier, make a foam engine that instead of shooting out water, it shouts out a foam like liquid that is white and that has a stronger cooling/extinguishing power. And you can maybe script it to get stronger as more foam gets on the object (because that is kind of what happens irl) and you can also do.the dog bleed effect but with foam.

I do not quite know what you mean by Mid-Mount Aerial Trucks, but IF the vehicle has a standard type ladder I do not believe it plays any role as long as the fire fighter can reach the basket to get up in the air. A multi-arm system is currently an issue nobody can solve(probrably impossible). The game's engine is designed for ladders to rotate and extend on the same axis. By this I mean the ladder has a single rotation point, from there the ladder turns and elevates, then the segments will extend outward as needed. I am unaware of a solution that will allow you to change this measure other than a hard-scripted event (which would limit the truck dramatically to only doing one movement alone when it deploys). If it is a standard straight line ladder, regardless to how it is mounted it should still be capable of functioning regardless of placement on the vehicle as long as the firemen can reach the basket. IF the basket is out of reach they can't enter it to use it, making it do nothing at all.

For the very same reason a functional Cherry Picker is not likely to work properly unless it is a scripted static object.

Gee Dang-it. I guess that is why no one has made a Telet-shirt engine (an engine with a boom (articulated) that shoots water onto a fire). I thought no would be making the first with my mod.

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