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  1. Sorry for the late chime-in, but in reference to the mutual aid discussion: In addition to calling resources to scene, Many departments request standby units for coverage of areas, especially if there's large distances between locations. If they pull in all the fire department resources from an hour's diameter from somewhere for an active incident, it wouldn't be a stretch to say they'd wanna get someone else in there for response coverage. Just my 2 cents http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png Also, good idea not giving the Chiefs their own SCBA models! Hopefully it'll help keep them outside at command better than around here lol
  2. I'm such a Northerner, thinking that PD should be Blue/Red along with Fire and EMS (around here vollies have all blues for responding to the station in their POVs; it doesn't give them any special driving permissions, but is there as a courtesy light.) Awesome work!!!
  3. Is... is that a Sutphen I spy? Awesome work so far! This mod is really shaping up to be one I'm looking forward to seeing more of, whether that be through a public release or even just a private video or two of gameplay
  4. I do wanna again point out that most of LV Blvd (as well as the Station that you're talking about) will need whole new models to be utilized correctly You don't necessarily don't have to do it to the extent that some German modifications go to, but can have a character that spawns onscreen which functions like a dispatcher, calling in units from out of map. I can help you with getting that set up if you'd like, once everything is sorted out and you know what units you want/have
  5. Well now, you can have a low number of units that reside on the map yet have the map be a fusion of a larger area. Think of it like playing LA Mod with just station 2, or so forth. Having a lower number of on-map units doesn't necessarily mean you have to make the map 100% realistic to a specific area of Vegas, just that they don't want 30+ units all stationed on the map. Make sense?
  6. I just wanna point out that the majority of the Strip (all the hotels and casinos in the Vegas Metro area) is located in Paradise, which is protected by the Clark County Fire Department, not the LVFR. That being said, it would be interesting to see more of the non-gambling side of the area lol My suggestion is to pick where you want your map to be located/based on, then build it. Once you've got that (with the fire station or two within it), then place the actual staffing of those stations.
  7. Open up the "Specs" folder, and you will see up to ten files whose names start with "fp_params_". Those files are associated with the parameter conditions for the different freeplay versions (Endless and Challenge; single player and multiplayer). Files that end with "_mp" are associated with multiplayer, and the other ones are associated with single player. Open the specific file or files that you wish to change, and look for the following line: "<MaxParkingSpace value="35" />" Change the numbers to be whatever value you wish to have. This file also controls other variables within that specific game mode, such as money and call frequency. Hope this helps!
  8. Have you checked to make sure that your firefighters actually have all the commands necessary to function properly? Could you load your script folder to a rar or zip file and send it to me?
  9. So, I've compared a couple PickUp scripts I've got, and I think I might have found your possible problem. If I may direct your attention to this segment: bool CheckPossible(GameObject *Caller) { if (!Caller->IsValid()) return false; if (Caller->GetType() == ACTOR_VEHICLE) { Vehicle v(Caller); if (v.GetVehicleType() == VT_FIREFIGHTERS_FMB) { return v.GetFreeTransports() > 0 && (Game::ExistsNormalObjectWithFlagSet(OF_FLOTSAM) || Game::ExistsDrowningPerson()); } else if (v.GetVehicleType() == VT_THW_FGRR_RL) { return !v.IsCarryingAnything() && Game::ExistsNormalObjectWithFlagSet(OF_CARRYABLE_BY_BULLDOZER); } } if (Caller->GetType() == ACTOR_PERSON) { Person p(Caller); if (p.GetArrestedID() != -1) return false; } if (Caller->HasCommand("Dummy1Cone") || Caller->HasCommand("Dummy2Cones")) return true; else if (Caller->HasCommand("Dummy1Flare") || Caller->HasCommand("Dummy2Flares")) return true; else if (Caller->IsCarryingAnything()) return false; else if (Caller->HasCommand("PcmdTrafficConeGet") || Caller->HasCommand("PcmdFlareGet")) return true; else if (Caller->HasCommand("PcmdWye") || Caller->HasCommand("PcmdExtendhose")) return true; else if (Caller->HasCommand("DriveAwayPerson")) return Game::ExistsInstalledJumppad() || Game::ExistsPickableAnimal(); return false; } Make sure that you have the last tidbit in there (the two lines above "return false;"), and ensure that all of the peds that you have which you want to collect the jumppad have the command "DriveAwayPerson". Without this, the script cannot initialize unless you fulfill one of the other variables. Hope this helps!
  10. @Steven Dang that sounds like your FF/EMTs are missing the "PickUp" command. Assuming LA Mod is still at 2.1, you could try adding a snippet of code to the end of the Usejumppad script in order to ensure that you can pick it back up. Something like the last two lines of code here... //****************************************************************************************** // #Version 1.1# // // Changes: - UseJumppad and RemoveEquipment command will be removed. // //****************************************************************************************** const char DUMMY_EQUIPMENT[] = "DummyEquipmentCommands"; object UseJumppad : CommandScript { UseJumppad() { SetValidTargets(ACTOR_OPEN_HOUSE); SetPossibleCallers(ACTOR_PERSON); SetPossibleEquipment(EQUIP_JUMPPAD); SetPossibleExists(CPE_HOUSE_FOR_JUMPPAD); } /*bool CheckPossible(GameObject *Caller) { if(!Caller->IsValid() || Caller->GetType() != ACTOR_PERSON || Caller->GetEquipment()!=EQUIP_JUMPPAD) return false; return Game::ExistsHouseForJumpad(); }*/ bool CheckTarget(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int ChildID) { if(!Caller->IsValid() || Caller->GetEquipment()!= EQUIP_JUMPPAD ) return false; if (Caller->GetType() != ACTOR_PERSON) return false; Person p(Caller); if(p.GetEnteredCarID() != -1) return false; if ( Target->GetType() == ACTOR_OPEN_HOUSE ) { OpenHouse house(Target); if ( house.HasJumppadTarget() ) return true; } return false; } void PushActions(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int ChildID) { OpenHouse house(Target); Vector TargetPos = house.GetJumppadTarget(); Caller->PushActionMove(ACTION_APPEND, TargetPos); Caller->PushActionUseEquipment(ACTION_APPEND, Target, ChildID, 3.f); Caller->PushActionExecuteCommand(ACTION_APPEND, DUMMY_EQUIPMENT, Target, 10, false); // go back 300 units Vector BackPos = Caller->GetPosition(); BackPos.x -= TargetPos.x; BackPos.y -= TargetPos.y; BackPos.z -= TargetPos.z; float len = Math::dist(BackPos.x, BackPos.y, BackPos.z, 0, 0, 0); if ( len ) { BackPos.x *= 300/len; BackPos.y *= 300/len; BackPos.z *= 300/len; } BackPos.x += TargetPos.x; BackPos.y += TargetPos.y; BackPos.z += TargetPos.z; Caller->PushActionMove(ACTION_APPEND, BackPos); if(!p.HasCommand("PickUp")) { p.AssignCommand("PickUp"); } } }; In particular: if(!p.HasCommand("PickUp")) { p.AssignCommand("Pickup"); } Edit: I'm not sure whether that is a valid syntax for this usage or if it needs to be formatted around Caller. Lemme know if it works and if not I'll look into it and try it out (particularly when it's not 4:30 in the morning )
  11. Unfortunately, it means your graphics aren't good enough to keep up. If you click on one of your personnel that box also becomes white, right? Source: I get the same error with my work laptop. Double check to make sure that your graphics are up to date first, as there is a potential that the problem could be fixed that way, otherwise your only option would be to upgrade your GPU/PC to something more high end. Although less likely, you could also try reinstalling everything and/or making sure the game folder (and its subfolders) is not set on read-only, but those are much less likely to fix it (as far as I'm aware). Hope this helps!
  12. Axxif


    For some reason I was thinking Brooklyn, not Bronx XD
  13. Axxif


    Bronx mod is also known as Borough of Fire mod (as an fyi) I'd check out Harbor City too. Skim the mods forum; there's a wealth of mods that should still be available
  14. Might be a bad dl, have you tried re-downloading it?
  15. Maybe make Freeplay the realistic version and challenge the insanely-nerfed version without water limits (satisfy yinz?)
  16. Hmmm... so here's an idea: Would it be possible to start off by purchasing X amount of volunteers, and then from there they would always respond to the alarm? And maybe there could be a default number of volunteers you could start off with, say 8 or so? Then, once you sound the alarm, they would all filter in, and from there you could utilize them how you see fit... and then have something where you can shut off the alarm, and/or step it down, and those volunteers that aren't at the station yet return to where they were? I think that would be an awesome idea, and a bit more realistic. Thoughts?
  17. Ha, might as well as post it here
  18. What about that suicide-attempt drowning victim?
  19. I would imagine the process be similar to that used to spawn the deck gun, but instead of needing to create a second vehicle for the gun you would have to create a second vehicle for the fire hose lines. This is all theoretical though, mind you Edit: I would imagine that this method would be indefinitely easier than trying to spawn a second vehicle for the ladder or such. Again, this is all in theory
  20. I've got a couple short questions to ask... Would it be possible to have another outcome whereas the firefighter becomes trapped inside the building, and you would have to send one (or more) other firefighters inside after the first firefighter to rescue them (thus making it much more realistic, as it would require players to consider having a RIT/FAST team in position in case something goes wrong)? Is there any way to make this a requirement for either extinguishing the burning building or to otherwise complete that mission? For somewhere like the motels in the bottom left hand corner of the LA Map, would it be possible to set multiple search points that have to/can be searched separately from each other? Can this be set up so that certain buildings take longer than others to be searched? As after all some buildings are undoubtedly bigger than other ones Many thanks for any responses!
  21. I am using an edited version on LA 2.0 4X4 YSB, and decided to replace the multiplayer map with that of the freeplay map. Well, everything works well... except that none of the return to station scripts for any of the units work. Any help? Edit/note: I have just specifically looked at the fd commands; idk if any of the pd's return to station commands work. The to hospital command does work tho, which is funny because the ambulances return to the station after dropping off their patients. The to fire station is present on all the vehicles it's supposed to be on, but it's greyed out.
  22. Is there gonna be the New Years ball in Times Square?
  23. I'm pretty certain it's because of their map, which is quite detailed and very realistic to real-life Manhattan. Last I checked mods like Winterberg still utilize at least some of the vanilla buildings and such
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