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  1. direct me a PM and i will provide you with all the help that you need in order to get it to work
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Today i am releasing some of my early fire truck models and rears for them. These Models consist of Cabs 1996 International 4700 Two Variants of a 2013 Pierce Velocity Rears Two Variants of brush truck rears Two Variants of Rescue Rears One Engine Rear One Tanker Rear The model credits consists of THVFD, Reaper, and Itchboy if come to find that there is something in this pack that credits are due for someone else direct me a PM.
  3. you're welcome any further questions, modding, fire engine, EMS, etc just direct me a PM and i'll be more than happy to help.
  4. it's a collasable attic ladder usually about 10 foot long and around 6 inches wide when open
  5. if you are referring to the diamond plate box on the hose bed cover it is a spine board storage compartment
  6. Thank you it is a lot of hard work, Dedication, and willingness to learn. There is a saying you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. That saying is vary true and holds many forms without a willingness to learn it is impossible to succeed. Perhaps there will be some more updates on this page for everyone to see it.
  7. @d.seed what was you're issue you were having
  8. @d.seed when making a model check the backface culling box and the ambiant oclusion box. It will show you witch way your polygons are facing with the backface culling one and, the ambiant oclusion box will show your edges much much better. See the attached image!
  9. it will seem like nothing happens it just sepereates the vertices that are connected to the other side there won't really be a noticable difference
  10. i use blender regularly and this is something i wasn't understanding until recently. So what you do is select each side(Left, Right, Front, Back, Top, Bottom, Etc) and press the Y key in the 3D view of blender. Upon doing this you will also need to select doors on buildings or anything that is uv'd seperatly(kinda like an object is being constructed seperatly in blender) and it will resolve the UV issues. Without splitting each side this is what the model will look like. Building Model and Texture by - THVFD
  11. With much inspiration from one of bamas photos he did a while back River Falls Engine 1 Engine 1 - THVFD, Reaper, Itchboy Hospital - THVFD, Itchboy
  12. It's to tall to be a code 3 RX2700 i have one on my POV the led modules are wrong for a code 3 RX2700 as well to me it looks like this kind of lightbar
  13. If you are needing any help with models in blender just shoot me a PM i am more than happy to help and vary experanced in blender
  14. Today i will be showing everyone a long awaited post to show everyone that the mod is not been forgotten and is still continuing development until the mod team and myself feel as it is completed. Today i show a long awaited Video of the new or overhauled River Falls Engines for the River Falls Mod For Emergency 4/ 911 First Responders. You Also get a Sneak Peak at some of the recent map work that Itchboy and Myself have put into the mod. Credits RFFD Engine 1, Reaper, THVFD RFFD Engine 2, MikeyPi, Reaper, THVFD RFFD Engine 3, Reaper, THVFD RFFD Engine 4, Reaper, Itchboy, THVFD River Falls Hospital Model, THVFD River Falls Map Texture, THVFD, Fire Dept. Boston The Song in the background, AC/DC ThunderStruck
  15. we dont really have many of those around here with the exception of the mammouth cave national park wildland engine, the only time i have ever seen them was on a special call by my volly FD at a field fire
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