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  1. Hi, i'm interested in playing the River Falls mod, just wondering if there's a way i can download the mod and play it. If not that's okay!


  2. I'd like to add on to this statement, there is loads of progress that was made on this mod(not a mod team member). As far as itchboy goes, he has been put out of commission temporarily by a Weather events that has happened in his home country. Life like always will continue to take priority over a 16 year old game that every mod is being made for free, modding is not a career in the EM4 community. My last little bit to say is be patient, Itchboy will be back, there is lots of things that he is able to work on just not able to show. Bama, You and itch have made an amazing product with the mod. I look forward to seeing the finalized product. Amazing Work!!
  3. @Chris07 i helped get this current version working. if you need help send me a message on discord. i'm not a whole lot with scripting but, i was involved in the orignal making of the current import script
  4. @THVFD the mod is private but it does not say abandon so is peapole can get the mod???



    i am not the best at english


  5. The Mod is a private mod, it will continue to remain a private mod. It has been relayed to TNA many times that it is a private mod and will continue to be a private mod. He also states in his video that he can't tell you what mods are private and what are private anymore.
  6. direct me a PM and i will provide you with all the help that you need in order to get it to work
  7. Version 1.0.1


    Today i am releasing some of my early fire truck models and rears for them. These Models consist of Cabs 1996 International 4700 Two Variants of a 2013 Pierce Velocity Rears Two Variants of brush truck rears Two Variants of Rescue Rears One Engine Rear One Tanker Rear The model credits consists of THVFD, Reaper, and Itchboy if come to find that there is something in this pack that credits are due for someone else direct me a PM.
  8. you're welcome any further questions, modding, fire engine, EMS, etc just direct me a PM and i'll be more than happy to help.
  9. it's a collasable attic ladder usually about 10 foot long and around 6 inches wide when open
  10. if you are referring to the diamond plate box on the hose bed cover it is a spine board storage compartment
  11. Thank you it is a lot of hard work, Dedication, and willingness to learn. There is a saying you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. That saying is vary true and holds many forms without a willingness to learn it is impossible to succeed. Perhaps there will be some more updates on this page for everyone to see it.
  12. @d.seed what was you're issue you were having
  13. @d.seed when making a model check the backface culling box and the ambiant oclusion box. It will show you witch way your polygons are facing with the backface culling one and, the ambiant oclusion box will show your edges much much better. See the attached image!
  14. it will seem like nothing happens it just sepereates the vertices that are connected to the other side there won't really be a noticable difference
  15. i use blender regularly and this is something i wasn't understanding until recently. So what you do is select each side(Left, Right, Front, Back, Top, Bottom, Etc) and press the Y key in the 3D view of blender. Upon doing this you will also need to select doors on buildings or anything that is uv'd seperatly(kinda like an object is being constructed seperatly in blender) and it will resolve the UV issues. Without splitting each side this is what the model will look like. Building Model and Texture by - THVFD
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