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  1. Yes I am planning on doing all of the departments. Evans Center will be the on map company however all other Town of Evans companies and some neighboring towns will be available as mutual aid. For example Eden Fire Department will be available for a tanker and Scranton Fire Department will be available for a Tower Ladder.
  2. I drive a white 2015 Dodge Journey with a raptor-x TIR interior lightbar in all blue for the front and an amber only lamphus traffic advisor in the rear
  3. Personally I like doing buildings in Blender, UV mapping is generally easier in that. My suggestion would be to get a general idea of what you want to do in sketchup and then try "re-creating" that in Blender or another 3d modeling program.
  4. I can work on the lighting. I can do some of the texturing if needed but I will definitely say I'm better at lights than textures.
  5. I think you can edit the materials.xml and change the combustion and burntime to change fire spread.
  6. New chevron texture for 7-1. Thank you to Phantom for providing the texture.
  7. Finally had the time to finish up the texture and lighting for Rescue 7-1. Model by Itchboy, texture by myself. media.io_7-1 Lights.mp4
  8. Highland VFC Rescue 7 now has a model completed. This will be one of the 4 heavy rescue units in the mod. Credits: Itchboy HME 1871 cab, THVFD Asset Pack Rescue Body. Texturing by myself.
  9. First tanker of the mod is in the process of build textured. Since this is a rural mod there will be 2-3 callable tankers as hydrants will be limited in some areas. Credits: Itchboy Peterbuilt 330 cab, THVFD Asset Pack Tanker body
  10. I have a question for anybody who downloaded the pierce pack and the simon duplex ladder. When I move the files into the editor they appear completely untextured. I am doing something wrong here or have other people had the same problem?
  11. Okay that worked for finding the problem. But now I can't export the file. It gives me a "out of memory" error. I have tried multiple times and have the same issue.
  12. Okay I'll give that a try, If that solves the problem fantastic if not I'll keep messing with the model. Thank you
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