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  1. lmao yeah came a bit since then. Wouldn't have been here without the teachers i've had along the way, especially itchyboyo and THVFD. Thanks mate. have yourself a good one.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    -Contact logivalleymod@gmail.com, Phantom#2786 (discord) -Pierce Saber Hero, licensed for all Emergency 4 Modifications (so long as credit is provided) -*Not licensed to have monetary gain (you may *NOT* profit off of my work.) -*Not to be individually re-uploaded (Do not upload only my work. To have permission, it must be uploaded with your own modification.) -*I reserve the right to revoke your permission to my assets. -Feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have. Thanks for taking the time to view the Read Me! -Credits Rear - Phantom Cab - Pierce Arrow XT by Itchyboy converted to a Pierce Saber Hero by Phantom Whelen 900 & 700 by Itchyboy Federal Signal Navigator by Yankee43 -known issues *the Federal q is... less than adequately textured. i haven't made my way to my local fd to get photos so if you make it look nice feel free to send it and i'll replace the current one and credit you for doing so. *One .psd is missing because i forgot to save it when using it. release 1.0.0
  3. Going to be going to indiana soon, before my hiatus i made this. This is Itchyboy's pierce dash converted to a pierce saber hero, the rear is mine. as you can see i still have some things to do to the model like the ladder and the rear directional bar. (i also forgot to extend the cab back at the time.) This engine will be at 'county' station 11. reference
  4. 'itchbooty' lmao, but regardless, that looks amazing.
  5. thanks, lads. here's an image of the cab- itchyboy's mack GU713 i believe it is, with my... er... the trailer attachment point bit and the trailer obviously. the trailer is mainly done other than i might make the stripe curve down and back up in the middle. the UV is messed up in 3 minor places on the trailer, but i can't figure out how to fix it and the average person won't notice (especially with cam bounds set to default). the cab still needs ELS - which i probably will use Yankee43's fedsig navigator again. (haven't fully decided) and add a q to the bumper.
  6. Hello, overnight i made this with inspiration from emsfan112. it obviously needs some work, but here is the rough idea of a USAR/SO trailer for one of the off-map agencies
  7. Hello, apologies for my hiatus here. i am in the process of redoing station 99 (South Blainland) as i think the units looked like trash and some of them were not scaled properly. I made a engine using Itchyboy's International Terrastar cab and a rear made by me with a lot of help and teachings from Itchyboy. it also includes some small beacons from EmC-Unit's Light Pack, and Yankee43's 53" Federal Signal Navigator lightbar. The texture is not yet complete, and many improvements on the model can probably be done, but for now, here's where E99-2 stands. I am also in the process of (yet again) reworking the map as i am unhappy with it. I've also taken one of Itchyboy's Ambulances from his Ambulance Pack and kitted out with lights from his Emergency Light Equipment pack to match those of the ones local to me, and will hopefully not only use them in Logi Valley, but also Ormond Beach once i return to it. reference And with that i shall crawl back to my cave, and will update once there's something interesting. Thank you for reading, User.
  8. Version 0.0.3


    Hello, i've decided to release this publicly to get feed back of what others would like to see since i've learned this is possible, and if there are any crashes related to it to fix them while i try to make this look better. This is very unpolished, and there may be floating or unaligned text. Feel free to send me feed back here or on discord, Phantom#2786 (quicker replies on discord) You must read the readme. If you do not, you may break your game, or miss out on some cool optional things. This has not been tested with multiplayer. Please back up your files incase it is incompatible. This has not been thoroughly tested with Emergency 4 or Emergency 4 Deluxe. Please back up your files incase it is incompatible. Please back up your files incase it is incompatible. I am not responsible for any inconvenience this 'mod' may cause you due to you not backing up your files.
  9. Hi there! Not sure what you're referring to when you say do we have templates, but i'll try to help out. here are some links that have a 'blank' so to speak Ford Explorer. I hope this helps!
  10. damn, those are some amazing pics. wish i had them when i was digging up photos lmao, thank you.
  11. forgot to mention the blue stripe on Port Police is just a placeholder. Itchy will be making a gradient on it like the real ones.
  12. Would you mind navigating to this folder; (C:>Programfiles(86x)>Steam>Steamapps>common>Emergency 4 Deluxe>Data>Scripts) and posting a picture of its contents here? Also, if you press ESC while on this 'map', are you able to go to the main menu, and say load a mod?
  13. This is true, haven't tried it yet because it's currently not a hugeeee concern. still finishing up 3d models for map and some new vehicles.
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