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  1. I'm still in shock over yesterday. Who would have thought a brushfire could cause such wide spread community destruction. We aren't talking about a normal wildfire in the mountains. This was a suburban area where the fires destroyed everything and anything in its path. I've never seen a fire move this fast in my life. One second a brushfire, next second homes, neighborhoods, and towns completely engulfed in flames. I used to think Emergency 4 wasn't realistic when fires got out of hand and spread from building to building in minutes but now that scenario feels all too real. My heart aches for those that lost their homes. I live an hour north in a very similar setting and I still can't imagine suburban neighborhoods like the one I live in could be burnt to the ground. One day you can have a roof over your head and the next day it could be gone. Be thankful for what you have, it can all easily be taken away or destroyed quicker than you'd ever think. Praying for everyone that is going through the difficult times. Just for perspective, severe drought mixed with extreme winds one day.. snow and winter storms the very next day. All this could have been avoided if it would of snowed just one day earlier. Over a thousand homes completely destroyed. An event that will stick with me the rest of my life. A true hell of a fire storm.
  2. Prayers for all those effected in the Marshall fire. I've never seen such suburban neighborhood devastation. Only thing I can compare it to is a tornado. Hits wayyy too close to home.

  3. Any chance firefighters will have the option for bunker gear without the SCBA for car accidents? Also wish more mods had an optional reflective vest for firefighters and medics
  4. Nice looking mod! Keep up the good work. The level of detail looks pretty amazing
  5. Hope you are able to fix your system. No man should be without a working PC. Maybe it will give you a chance to catch up on some life stuff. I remember my gpu breaking which set me back a pretty penny right before covid. I fear my psu might be outdated as well. Did you have any sound indicators before it shat the bed? I think I have an old fan bearing going out on mine.
  6. I guess its all dependent on the department. Wellington Co. the town I volunteered in is basically a small city at this point so even though the department is made up of mostly volunteers and reserve crews its starting to become more of a city than the small farming town that it used to be. Mostly medical calls, MVA, few structure fires luckily. They also run an engine for medical calls so I'm not sure that is standard practice for smaller towns.
  7. Most Volunteer departments don't cary extrication tools in a tiny brush truck. Its usually stored in an engine or rescue truck because of its size
  8. Possibly a future idea for a map, where my uncle lives in Montana the fire station is a shared building with the police station. Kinda a cool setup Also if you haven't already came up with a hazmat idea I know that the Laurel Mt area has a bunch of oil refineries and train yards. Just some ideas to potentially add to your town. I'm guessing you are looking more towards the non industrial more agriculture feel but the dirty refinery towns need some love too haha.
  9. I'd just assume it's never going public. If it does end up going public than it will be a nice surprise, until then it's best to not even get your hopes up. Nice mod though
  10. As a former admin on Arma 3 I used to tell people "12 units of time" every time someone would ask for a "release date" Btw you are a scripting genius. I'm hoping for some advanced parking action. Hopefully there are some EMS related scripts?
  11. These threads make me laugh cause mods/devs get frustrated with people asking for relsease dates or asking if it will be taken out of (private) mode? What do they think is going to happen when all people read is continuous updates on how awesome "this private mod" is on a public forum of an outdated game? I could understand if there was a whitelisted community or an actual excuse for choosing to keep the mod private but if you are dangling something over peoples heads for no particular reason then I'd expect the backlash. Frankly I see it as a scummy thing to do considering most people I knew in 2012 have moved on but the people that chose to comeback have nothing new, fresh or exciting to look forward to. I'd assume most people that look forward to the updates on this page are "private members" that have access to the mod?
  12. Awesome to see progress on this mod. Btw, that collapsible stretcher in the private "City of Angels mod" or whatever it is called, it looks like a masterpiece. As a former EMT I give it two thumbs up and I can only hope its implemented in future public mods.
  13. This is dope haha. As a former EMT I approve! This is about as good as it will get for EM4 standards unless some crazy mod guy proves me wrong
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