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  1. One of the Met's new vauxhall astra Incident Response Vehicles.

    Model - Ichboy

    Lightbar from the london mod

    Skin and lights by me, slinkierbus268





  2. One of the London Fire Brigades new scania 32m turnable ladders.

    This is acually a reskin of the mercedes econic that is already in the London mod i've just applied a skin and the lighting.

    Model - London Mod

    Lightbars - Ye ole Superdude






  3. HI,
    do you have alink for the model used to make your hertfordshire MAN pump please i cant find it

    1. slinkierbus268


      Hello, sorry I don’t come on here very often anymore so I’ve just seen this! I believe I got the model from the German version of this site I’ll see if I can find the link

    2. slinkierbus268
  4. One of the new London Fire Brigade Pumps, model by FF-NRÜ I think, re-skinned by me and lights by me. There's a few screenshots from the editor and one photo taken by me in real life there  It does work in game but for some reason it doesn't want to let me take screenshots in game.

    EM4 LFB Pump 1.png

    EM4 LFB Pump 2.png

    EM4 LFB Pump 3.png

    EM4 LFB Pump 4.png

    EM4 LFB Pump 5.png

    EM4 LFB Pump.png


  5. Love the update TACRfan! Really like the addition of the Coastguard! One small thing, shouldn't the Nissan Navara have grille lights?
  6. A Line up of all the Hertfordshire Fire Appliances I have reskinned in EM4, for details scroll down

    EM4 HFRS Line Up.png

  7. Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Scania Pump, Skin by me and model by Pottyscotty from the Kent Mod. In real life this Appliance is a Wholetime pump based at Luton Fire Station in Bedfordshire

    EM4 Beds Pump 1.png

    EM4 Beds Pump.png

    2016-08-14 13.10.28.jpg

  8. Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Dennis Sabre, Skin by me and the Model by Pottyscotty from the Kent mod. In real life this appliance is retained and based at Hitchin Fire Station

    EM4 Herts Dennis 1.png

    EM4 Herts Dennis.png

    2016-07-02 13.24.30.jpg

  9. Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Rescue Support Unit, Skin by me, Lighting by me, Model by Chidea I think. In real life this appliance is based at St. Albans Fire Station in Hertfordshire, there is also a picture I took of the real thing there  

    2016-09-25 13.18.33.jpg

    EM4 RSU.png

    EM4 RSU 1.png

    EM4 RSU 2.png

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