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Welford City Mod (Private)

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Hi all, 


This is a topic to created to show work I've done on my private modification over the past few years. It is set in a large uk city. (Think larger than Manchester smaller than London). It draws upon several modifications including Welfordshire, London, Kent and many others drawing them together into what I'd consider to be a definitive Uk Metropolitan City. With this in mind I have no plans ever to seek out permission to release as there are simply too many diffrent mods thrown together. 

In an attempt to strive for realism I have reworked most if not all fire objects in the game in attempts to create realistic fire spread, This includes reworking smoke plumes etc. I have also as a matter of personal preference made the buildings not have collision for personnel, this means you can deploy firefighters "inside" of structures to carry out firefighting.


Any questions, comments or suggestions are more than welcome


Attached are some images, primarily of the city to give you an idea of the "feel" i'm going for, if there is sufficent intrest I will upload full fleet photos etc.
















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As requested here is the fire service fleet


https://ibb.co/BtLHBx6 https://ibb.co/b7C0Sdp This is the services Environmental Protection Unit (A02Z1) and its support unit (A02Z2) 

https://ibb.co/JrNzqBw Water Rescue Unit and its Rescue Support Unit 

https://ibb.co/D9dYz1r https://ibb.co/KGsczZs This is a range of special appliances, ranging from the officers kia, Heavy Rescue Unit (05 plate) Scania Prime Mover equiped with High volume pump, Heavy Rescue unit (17 plate) Operational Support Unit, Breathing Apparatus Support Unit and Fire Investigation Team

https://ibb.co/DMgjD8s https://ibb.co/7jWLnrj This is the Command Support Units the older white model and its newer counter part.

https://ibb.co/Gks1nYS This is the two on map Aerial appliances, A01T1 & A03A1, there are additional Aerials beyond these a 05 plate scania, a 16 plate man and a 67 plate Merc there are also several remaining aerial rescue pumps that are now being withdrawn

This is the range of Scania Pumping Appliances https://ibb.co/VgZ6r78  https://ibb.co/bQnNzP5 https://ibb.co/D9StjMF https://ibb.co/zN8VHpB https://ibb.co/3dR7yPC https://ibb.co/NKt9VDL This ranges from an 05 plate reserve pump to a brand new 70 plate Scania next generation appliance. 


as always feedback and suggestions are welcome along with anything else people would like to see.

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50 minutes ago, Squad 65 said:

Does the Aerial rescue pump actually work?

Yes mate; the ARP was works identically to how it does in the original welfordshire mod. I’m look at finding a way to make the Aerial Ladder Platform script to work with it. 

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59 minutes ago, BGM17 said:

Yes mate; the ARP was works identically to how it does in the original welfordshire mod. I’m look at finding a way to make the Aerial Ladder Platform script to work with it. 

Nice. I love this already even though it will be private. 

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Thanks for the positive feedback! As you can see police/Ambulance fleet aren't particularly well developed and are mostly just slight edits from the aforementioned mods, there is a wider fleet including agencies like btp/HART etc but their edits are so subtle that its not worth showing.




9 hours ago, Squad 65 said:

Does the Aerial rescue pump actually work?

Also see it in use here at a building fire north of the city https://ibb.co/JHLP8cC https://ibb.co/8Xdkx0h

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55 minutes ago, YFF Houghton said:

Love it so far!! 


Forgive me for asking if this question has already ben answered, but is there any plans for this to be released publicly? 

thank you👍


No worries, unfortunately due to this being an amalgamation of so many mods I am unable to release publicly this topic is just a show case for ideas and to show where I am at with it currently.



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Some new screen shots of a side project to the main Welford city mod, 

This heads north to the outskirts of the city focusing on two main stations, A10 and E01. The area is a mostly Residential/industrial Area presenting a new range of hazards than city centre operations.

 A10 is home to one ARP one rescue pump and duel crews the services heavy rescue vehicle, the bulk foam unit and a scania prime mover which carries a range of pods including high volume pumps and welfare units

E01 is a new build station and hosts two standard rescue pumps


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28 minutes ago, gunswat said:

Is that the normal Beiberfield being used as foundation or one of the submods for it?

Normal beiberfield. Converted back from a mission script to normal free play and will be even more heavily edited until bar the layout the map is unrecognisable. Well that’s the plan anyway. Working on adding a larger industrial area just now to provide more complex incidents for example messing around with the size of hazmat incidents to simulate “down wind” areas being contaminated etc. This is alongside editing the new fire objects to be much more realistic in spread and aesthetic.

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