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  1. Hi, it’s a custom reshade. Once I’ve settled upon settings I really like I’ll most likely put it up for download somewhere.
  2. Update after a while, adding more and more to the city with the goal of being the most realistic city brought to the game and making it a realistic simulation of the UK; Still a huge amount to be done though;
  3. It is based on the Stuttgart map, it is very very heavily edited though
  4. Some more shots this time detailing the effort I've been investing in creating more realisitc fire spread and scenarios as an example, this fire at a rear store room of a block of flats, Initially only effects the store room, with early intervention you can stop this progressing if you don't however.. The fire then breaks through becoming well developed in the store room If this progresses further the shops at the front along with the flats start to become affected This progressive approach to incidents can then be used with the search house script, meaning you have incidents that can progress and change ie, the fire will eventually spread into the flats up for example in this scenario leading to a realistic reason to send more resources and ambulances etc. it also means you have to be some what tactical in your approach to this as opposed to just turning up and clicking 4 firefighters and equipping them with hoses and just spraying then leaving.
  5. Some in-game shots showing some more map detail and progress. very much still being worked on the level of detail. Also still looking for a scripter to help implement some of the more complex scripts. Scripter as part of the team would obviously have full access to the mod and its assets.
  6. After losing map files decided to take a new approach. a preview, still very much WIP not even street lights have been placed yet!
  7. Cheers for the link unfortunately those are the ones I’ve already put in game. Thanks anyway does anyone know how to go about creating new fire textures and different effects?
  8. Hi guys i am very very new to modelling but have managed to complete my objective, however when I try to export the file as a .v30 I get the error "cannot find object "test" file.emergencyexport.cpp line 253 A .v30 file then appears but it is empty. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Little has been done in terms of new content for the mod. I am working on the fire station script with the intention of being able to mobilse units more realistically. I am also looking into various event scripts. Is anyone aware of a way to allow the event scripts from for example the copenhagen mod to work alongside the normal free play calls generated by the game? anyone out there with decent scripting skills would be a great help with regards to assisting me to implement some of the more complex features. I've also been working on the visuals of the game creating my own reshade preset and even attempted to add raytracing (which did work but was a complete waste of time!) Mainly tinkering with depth of field at this point trying to fine tune it. I have also attempted to change the fire effects so that fires emit light. If anyone has any mods which have changed and updated fire textures please get in touch.
  10. Cheers mate, I'm not much of a moddler, not got time enough to perfect it right now if i'm honest. As an alternative I have placed specific items of debris that will only show when the building collapses ie the windows and wall contained within that debris pile above. The Debris as it stands has no collision applied to it to ensure nothing gets stuck.
  11. Having played around alot in the editor, finally made it so that when fully burned buildings will appear to have collapsed giving it a more realistic appearance post incident. This screen shot shows the effect of the new fire objects and collapse.
  12. Thanks guys, I’d still have a bit of bug fixing to do and unfortunately given the fact that many objects come from people who no longer are on the forums it would be difficult to get permissions.
  13. Some Images of the mostly... finished map of Welford City Centre
  14. Another small preview, the newly rebuilt A01 Central Fire Station
  15. Some very early previews of what will be the new map, only at the inception stage of work just now so alot still to be done! https://ibb.co/Y7G5x8L https://ibb.co/qYLtXD2 https://ibb.co/zmpHQNv
  16. Yes the same map, it now just seems to be bomb and gas explosions that aren’t spawning
  17. Is anyone able to assist me in figuring out why certain events will not spawn? I as far as I can tell am using the correct method of placing, bombs, gas explosions and the deluxe events on the map and they just don't seem to be spawning at all. I am also looking for someone to collaberate with regarding new scripts and implementation of others if interested drop me a PM
  18. Hey guys, can anyone provide some guidance. On my free play map I have placed several bomb and gas explosion events by going into the MISC folder and placing the bomb object and labelling it “bomb” and done the same for the gas explosion. However these events are not spawning at all. I have edited my events file to only have those two events capable of spawning and yet still nothing? I would be grateful if anyone could help. cheers
  19. There unfortunately can never be a release of the mod so by extension there is no beta testing.
  20. Cheers guys! Mark I will Dm you, quite a lengthy list of mods some buildings are tweaked quite substantially.
  21. Small update, been mainly working on building a more realistic lived in feeling for the city, https://ibb.co/jz4qY6x https://ibb.co/PC7k2sp https://ibb.co/L9fWLwt Also added some units, New Angloco based Pumping appliances, New Gen Scania Major Incident Support Unit alongside a new Incident Command Unit for managing incidents of 6-12 Pumping appliances. Also included the Air Ambulances X5 response unit https://ibb.co/BfR5DQ4 https://ibb.co/gM2g5Pw https://ibb.co/G7S1FWx https://ibb.co/MPCQvZW
  22. Is it possible to change the "Full burned" state of a building to the model file of a collapsed structure in a similar way to how once a car explodes it transitions from the model of the car just to the model of a wreck? Ie once a building becomes fully destroyed it has the appearance that it has collapsed? I assume it is impossible but thought it worthy of further exploration as an idea. cheers.
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