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New Emergency 5 Mod, Announcement soon...

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Hello everyone


After a long time away from this forum and Emergency 4, I've decided to return, as I've been playing a lot of the Bieberfelde mod for Emergency 5 and have been impressed with it's modding capabilities.

Because of this I'm working on a New Emergency 5 project which I'm not ready to announce the details of yet, but that will be coming in the coming weeks/months. The Purpose of this post is I'm currently looking for a couple of teams members, who could contribute to the mod and it's development. If you feel this is you please drop me a message to register your interest :)

I'm going to post a few pictures of a model I'm currently working on, it's still under construction but for those of you who recognise it, it's a dead give away of what is to come and what country :)

That's all for now 

Thanks Freelancer






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On 4/1/2022 at 5:47 PM, randomperson139 said:

Welcome back! 


Nice start. I would safely say there should be at least a few who recognise it! 

Thanks it's good to be back and modding Em5 This time :)

On 4/1/2022 at 8:43 PM, Squad 65 said:

I’m thinking it has to do with WMFRS.

I can confirm that it is not a new West Midlands mods, 


I've added some more details to the rear of the engine, most the exterior work is done now, Just working on the inside although it's taking a bit more time that I would like, it can get fiddley.

Please Note the wheels are just placeholders.






Also my good friend "fishboe" who has worked with me on other mods for various games is also part of this development team and is making excellent progress on a BMW 5 Series Estate 2019. More pictures to come soon



I also say again that if you have some modding skills, ideally 3D artists and scripters and wish to learn how to mod emergency 5 then please drop me a message :)

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