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  1. Welcome back! Nice start. I would safely say there should be at least a few who recognise it!
  2. As per the ToS, English on the forum please. No, there is no download link and the topic hasn't been active for several years. I'm gonna lock for now, if the original authors continue or would like it reopening, let one of us know.
  3. And.... let's leave it there, shall we. Back to being friendly please and I don't like having to say it twice.
  4. You can reduce the damage of any shooters in the "running amok" event but I'm unsure about changing across everything. If you open a file called "fp_params_endless" in the "specs" folder and find - <!-- AE --> <EFPRunningAmok> <Enabled value = "1" /> <!-- AverageFrequency: average number of events per 10 minutes --> <AverageFrequency value = "1.0" /> <!-- ReactionRange: in meters --> <ReactionRange value = "25.0" /> <!-- ShootRange: in meters --> <ShootRange value = "20.0" /> <!-- Spread: in degrees --> <Spread value = "5.0" /> <!-- ShootPower: in percent --> <ShootPower value = "0" /> <!-- ShotDuration: in seconds --> <ShotDuration value = "1.0" /> <!-- SightAngle: in degrees --> <SightAngle value = "120.0" /> <!--- resistance agains shots: like in editor --> <ResistanceShot value = "0.0" /> <Worth value = "10.0" /> <SupervisorStart value = "ID_SUPERV_EVENT40" /> <SupervisorFinish value = "" /> </EFPRunningAmok> You can edit various aspects of the shooter but it's only for this particular event.
  5. The last update was almost 2 years ago so I'm gonna lock this for now. If any of the developers would like it reopening at any point, let one of us know.
  6. Closed by request. Let one of the team know if you'd like it reopening.
  7. The game freezing is perfectly normal when you try and load a mod. It takes time for everything to load, the time it takes depends on your computer specs. Don't touch anything when it appears to freeze, give it some time and it should load back to the game menu.
  8. Can we have a little bit more info please? When is it crashing? Is it the same points every time or at different parts of the game? Is it playing the game or loading mods? When you say you can't play mods, what problem are you having? If your problem is the game "not responding" when you select a mod to load, this is normal. When you select the mod to load you need to leave the game (and your pc) alone and let the mod load. This can sometimes take several minutes.
  9. First question, you say you downloaded the game... where did you download it from? Secondly, can you post your logfile please, as this might show up whatever is causing the problem. See this post (http://www.emergency-planet.com/announcement/4-read-before-requesting-assistance/) for info on how to find the file. EDIT: Link doesn't work, see the announcement at the top of the page (the READ BEFORE REQUESTING ASSISTANCE one) for the info I was referring to.
  10. Firstly welcome to the forum! By the sounds of it, you're placing the .e4mod files into a mod folder? If so, this is where you're going wrong. The .e4mod files need to be installed using the game's mod installer. Usually you can double click the .e4mod file and it'll automatically open the mod installer. If not, you'll need to navigate to the game base files and you'll see a shortcut to open the installer, should be fairly self explanatory after this.
  11. I seem to remember this issue with various mods in the past, don't think I was ever 100% on what caused it but I haven't played the game for a little while now. Surely if the game itself is playable without bugs, crashing after you've finished is only a small issue! As a side note, please avoid double posting in future, it is against the forum rules. I've merged your posts on this occasion.
  12. Deluxe events are still available in the LA Mod, although you do have to be playing on the deluxe map.
  13. Hi, can you open Madrid Mod page: 

     We are working on it

  14. Someone PMed me requesting a release date,

  15. Hey Can you help me please?

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