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  1. Hi, can you open Madrid Mod page: 

     We are working on it

  2. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    · New units: - AP-21: "Apeos" of the 2nd Fire Station. - BF-21: Forestal engine of the 2nd Fire Station. - EL-21: Electrical unit with lights for night works of the 2nd Fire Station. - TG-21: Tank of water. One of the two tanks who have the 2nd Fire Station. - TG-22: Tank of water. The most big which is at the Madrid City Fire Department. It is at the 2nd Fire Station.
  3. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    Its similar than the original, but have the skin changed (it have the logo of a spanish television) Gretings.
  4. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    A video who make a friend of the mod, of the real units of the region of Madrid: Video
  5. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    New Samur units images:
  6. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    New units: · Fire departament: New crane: Truck of mattresses. It takes pneumatic mattresses for notices of suicides: · National Police: Persons: Policeman of countryman: Policeman: Helicopter unit/K9 unit/antidemostration units/patrol unit. · Technical personnel: · New images and new unit of the Summa112: · Medical persons: - Samur (orange are volunteers, yellow are civil servants): - Summa112 (blue are for sva, virs and helicopters; red for svb):
  7. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    A lot of thanks to all. We are working hard to be able to do a great mod with which you could enjoy all. Improved unit. Special unit of traffic (UET) of the municipal police of the city of Madrid: * Old unit. * New unit. Municipal persons: * In the mod. * Patrol. * Special traffic units (UET). * Special units (GRI). Greetings!!!
  8. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    - New units: · Fire departament chief car: M1: · Fire departament ladders: ET-11: ET-21: · Unit of certificates and reports in traffic accidents of the municipal police of madrid: · Police agents of the municipal police of Madrid: Patrol, special traffic units, special units and special units with antidemostration wear.
  9. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    Comparation images (the real images was taken today): SVB Samur:
  10. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    Thanks!!! the creator is working hard, and Inside very little there will be new units (ladders and other cars )
  11. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    · Technician units. Madrid///movilidad: It is a public company, in charge of the maintenance of the systems of traffic (chambers, semaphores) and also they manage the municipal derrick. Van of repair semaphores. Municipal derrick. Área de obras: Public organism in charge of the maintenance and arrangement of the thoroughfares of the city. Van of the area de obras.
  12. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    In Madrid we not have this vehicle (Lamborghini Gallardo); this units are similar that the real ones. When i have time, i will put some images of the real units, if anyone want to compare with the real units. Greetings!
  13. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    • Police units: • Policía Nacional: This is the national police at big cities (in towns and countries, the police are the Guardia Civil). They have 21 police stations for districts (Madrid have 21 districts). In the map will be in the first version a police station. Patrol car. 4X4 Patrol car. Patrol car of major capacity. Camouflaged patrol. Geo units (like Swat, special units of Spain). Van of transport of arrested. Van of the canine unit. Van antidisturbances (UIP). Police helicopter. • Policía Municipal de Madrid: This is the police of the city of Madrid. They take charge of the safety in the neighborhoods and of the traffic. Patrol car. 4X4 Patrol car. Patrol car of major capacity. Patrol car of the special unit of traffic (M-30 road, special events and escorts). Van antidisturbances (GRI). Unit of support to investigation of accidents.
  14. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    The ford mondeo not of whom it is, but already I can say that it will not be in the mod, it is going to put on a vehicle similar to that of the reality. As for the helicopter I wait to know it soon. A greeting!
  15. Madrid Mod

    Madrid Mod

    Thanks for all. I will ask about it to the creator of the mod, the same that the other question of the ford mondeo, and I hope to answer you soon.
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