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  1. Hi blackout I was just wondering how to install your harbor city mod. Thanks!!






  2. have you had any complaints about siren script issues ? My game allows me to play this mod for about 30 mins then the sirens stop working and then about 2 mins later, the game crashes to desktop. Any word on how to fix this ?

  3. I downloaded the mod and put it in my mods and it wont work. It  shows up but the icon  has a tool bar

  4. There's a bug where some the cars or props don't load, because on one of the campaigns a car with only lights and a box that said "Material Loading" or something driving down a street....

    1. greener09


      I downloaded harbor 5 but the map isn't harbor city. its the original 911 first responders map. how do I fix it

      it does this with all the mods I download


      it does this with all the mods I download

  5. Thanks for the info, I have updated the credits with the new info! If anyone needs the patch to 5.0.2 it's available at squad55.com in the downloads section
  6. I didn't make the model for the charger. I have a 2015 charger and I kinda wish they were the newer model year but I am to lazy to go make a new charger, as least for now
  7. That is true, you do need to register on the site to download any files Also I have posted a file for changing to and from fire ems, to fire ems and police if you so desire
  8. 5.0.2 Has been released on squad55.com It is an incremental patch so you will need 5.0.1 installed first before you patch to the current version! Changes: - Fixed arrest script glitch on female and male officers with and without vests, as well as SWAT officer - Removed the "check victim" script for female and male officers with and without vests, as well as SWAT officer - Added in FD/EMS and FD/EMS/PD scripts so users can change their game type until the custom script program is completed
  9. I did yes, I believe a member of s55 ha already pointed out a fix which may or may not be the same as you stated. 5.0.2 will be released soon. There will be a 5.1 and beyond that I am not going to say what will or will not be changed, mostly because i'm not 100% sure myself, and I have no desire to make a timeline for 5.1!
  10. I have noooooo idea about the brush fire, I have never seen or heard of that glitch. I am actually pretty impressed that that happened! If it happens again or anyone else has that happen then I believe there may be a problem. Honestly I don't know what would have caused that but I can try to see if I can figure it out. Glad to hear all the positive feed back, and it's good to know you all are enjoying the mod. I am working on a small patch to fix a few important issues, as well as my friend is working on a program to make playing harbor city a much more enjoyable, and customizable experience
  11. I uploaded the mod about a week ago, it is still waiting to be verified
  12. If any of you have had issues with arresting people (suspects or civilians) we are aware of the problem. We may have a fix it will just need some testing before we can release a patch
  13. Change log is listed on the download here on emergency planet which isn't available for download yet Styker did not make it in because we could not get patients unloaded at the hospital with it. That scripting knowledge is well over my head.
  14. It is uploaded on emergency planet - pending approval Hopefully everyone enjoys the mod, as always I love to hear your feedback! Have fun!
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