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  1. Oh my this looks more amazing each update. Hope it eventually gets released, i hate seeing beautiful mods abandoned
  2. Not Beta ? Where is the actual link then... the copy I have says Beta
  3. my internet normally downloads things that size within 2 minutes if that downloading on my home pc setup and it seems to have downloaded quickly and properly
  4. it's not downloading for me, it only downloads 200kb and then almost like it freezes immediately jumps to like 2 days 19hrs left on download time ???
  5. Has anyone else had an issue where about 45 mins into game play their siren script glitches for siren01 or siren02 haven't pin pointed which yet and it eventually causes a CTD ?
  6. have you had any complaints about siren script issues ? My game allows me to play this mod for about 30 mins then the sirens stop working and then about 2 mins later, the game crashes to desktop. Any word on how to fix this ?

  7. I have had these same issues lately, as well as a could not save map issue.
  8. I'm not sure if anyone has pointed out to you guys, or if anyone else is even having this problem. Are you guys aware of a siren script problem that after about an hour or so of gameplay the sirens quit working on the fire department vehicles.... ???? I have noticed this since version 5 came out.
  9. I have figured it out... It had those files you spoke of but in those files there was nothing about "fall" "Circulatory collapse" etc... but I have figured it out thanks for the help.
  10. but those aren't in the XML, I have tried that method because I know how to do that much. SO I go into LA Mod folder, find them, copy them, paste them into the harbor city and then I get no calls... However there is a "free play perameters" folder is that where I can edit this
  11. Are there any plans to add ALL the medical calls back in here... The only ones were get are Heart Attack or Stroke, and if you aren't there immediately they die....???? If not can someone suggest how I go about adding them...
  12. I have drastically modified my copy of Harbor City mod just to practice moving models and changing paint schemes etc....I was trying to use the Brooklyn Dispatch Tones for my version of HC Mod and copied the script and the dispatch prototype but when I go to game I can't select the little computer to activate the tones....Anyone know of a tutorial or other topic that covers how to input dispatch tones ? PLEASE HELP ME!
  13. how do you make the bucket invisible.
  14. Anyone have an idea how to remove the bucket from the Tower to make a stick , every time i just remove it in the editor it causes the actual game play to CTD when I click on that units Icon.
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