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  1. Ok that's what I wanted to know also with that being said is there old mods of RF that are out or payable that I can play on or no? and also Happy Halloween
  2. So why is the NorthernAlex saying that the revamped mod is out but no one can find it so whats going on?!?!?! That part where he sayed that the revamped mod out at 1:00 after 1 year it was released... IF YOU HAVE IT OR HEAR ANYTHING PLEASE LET ME KNOW AT |026| FF1 Jacob S#9219
  3. Nightbeast15

    2 Car MVA

    Mate when will the be released and or could I test it if so let me know this is my discord Jacob S. | F-218#9219
  4. Nightbeast15

    2 Car MVA

    How did you get this mod???
  5. Hey do you know when it will be out to the public??
  6. Hey do you know when it will be out to the public??
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