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  1. RD_Saarland the original author of the Mack model has asked me to post on his behalf. The model was not made by Mayberry they just used it and reskinned it. He can be contacted here - https://www.facebook.com/steven.schenk.1?ref=br_rs
  2. Hmm we have a gradient calculated to climb. We couldn't get a simple move to pos to work at all. That would be far simpler if it works though Edit: so we tried using the move command like you said but the person won't move at all now. Any ideas?
  3. Yeah we're using a very similar setup although this will be purely for getting to ththe roof to vent. No extinguishing required. But yeah I moved the open house so the window was approx where a roof would be and the math didn't like it. Would be interesting to know if your math still works
  4. Am I right in thinking you achieved this too? I have it working now but I run into problems calculating the gradient if the ladder is too steep did you manage to avoid this?
  5. Yep we have the script logic just needed to be able to get the base and basket positions thanks for the info
  6. Well I just need to be able to find the base position of the ladder. I can find the top with a dummy person but just can't find the base. But yeah I thought this was the case. I'm guessing the base must just need to be a static child then?
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone in the community has been able to use parts of a ladder as vector positions? I have tried using the super child objects as a child pos, but the game does not like that. I have tried using childs assigned to eg the basket proto then assigned to the ladder proto as a super child but this also does not work. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks Dyson
  8. No there's no redirect path. In order for a path to redirect there must be a forward moving path and an opposite one both linked together. In v1 both paths are the same so it attempts to return the exact way it came straight into other cars following the same path
  9. Flipswitch games is born out of me and raf's mod team. It has just now become more focused on the new game and not mods
  10. Brooklyn v1 is not setup to redirect simply by enabling the command. You would need to re path every vehicle path with the reverse path too. Which is what is included in v2 when it is released. Thanks
  11. Nice but the model is from rd_saandlard (or however you spell his name)
  12. He could use the contents to make a new mod, but to just mash 2 of our mods together into 1, we wouldn't approve that sorry. Other projects have used our maps units etc etc but made it their own which is why we approved it. Hope this explains it well enough.
  13. Depending on how advanced the program perhaps a similar feature to programs like Visual Basic where the program predicts what you will likely type and offers suggestions? That speeds up my programming hugely not sure if it's possible though would require some advanced stuff
  14. Nice, I'd been working on a custom language for notepad++ but nothing further than for personal use
  15. Wireless mouse? I had a similar issue with a wireless mouse. I swapped for wired and no problem.
  16. This is true you did state it's open source so it's a contradiction. But it's only a matter of time before a mod gets involved in another clan debate
  17. I mod and play on Mac, why's boot camp not possible? And a virtual machine is more effort than boot camp but if you set it up properly it's basically the same and would work, you'd need to allocate memory though and you'd need at least 8gb ram for stable game and about 16gb for more intense mods (basically double) as your system and virtual machine will share the memory required.
  18. There's a copy of the civil pack scaled up I don't have the link but it does exit think it was on the old nrw mod website I used it for the London project
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