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  1. My 7 years of work are finally coming to an end I think I'm too old and lost interest I hope you understand me "it was all a very interesting experience at the beginning First editing, adding the model to the editor then to the game play with lights and skins Script adding sound Experimenting with 3D modeling Unfortunately, it's all cool at first, but the more you feel it, the more you will slowly get bored of it This is the right decision However All of you who supported me and waited for this Mod Now it's your chance "even if this game is very old" I will give away
  2. As promised guys, the ambulances have just arrived Mercedes-Benz (Sprinter) 313 CDI (equipped with SOS9000 light bar) x2 Version, standard and with Box " (Based on real life) After 2 months I am back again Today I will show x2 ready ambulances that I am still of course working on (Swedish Mod) Clip presents - EMS Units Responding - Lights Setup - Led Lights - Units Sirens - FLASH LIGHTS - (Blue) - WARNING LIGHTS- (Orange) - SCENE LIGHTS - (White) Latest News http: //www.emergency-planet. Be sure to go there, see more! #Reg
  3. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - from now on "Mod will be Private" No worries I am doing this to Focus more on modification What does it mean ? Less Updates - as you can see I was inactive because I secretly work on Swedish Mod My YouTube is also inactive (no new clips now) today I will show you what I did "through this break from you" What s New" It looks like we will have "Gothenburg - Stockholm" medical units from these cities There will also be a big change in the fire brigade units I will only add that it will be a set of Scania vehicles From one department "will
  4. I have quite a lot of experience when it comes to lighting So” Get back to the editor quickly and experiment with different red colors to make it shine your lighting shines as if it were very old but I appreciate your efforts Regards Adam
  5. Swedish police cars are ready Here in the links you will find access to all police cars with the presentation of the lighting and sirens So enjoy watching Volvo XC70 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ToRRul4wI8 Volvo V70 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyTi6xqyXHM&t=21s Volvo V850 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTIGMtPUWhI&t=1s Volksvagen Alltrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FU9GhoosgU Volksvagen Passat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRGIxKcQQaw&t=1s Volksvagen T5 https://www.yo
  6. (Thank you for appreciating my work) There will be different variants of police units Yes" I wrote reduced but (I did not explain) I need and mean focus on modeling and scripts for Fire base even focus on FD Units I will only add that we will find normal Police Units and Unmarked Units You have to wait for the rest (Thanks as always) and (Patience and see what I replied in the second post) Thank you and it's still a very nice mod Thanks " Yea I enjoy do cop lighting too " and " I can think and check if something like that unit should be in SW M
  7. U P D A T E I see my recent updates were "just uninteresting Not everyone wants to watch clips with police lighting so I understand you my viewers Therefore, in this update, you see "finally in action" Fire Department Units Status of "Swedish Mod Currently - Fix and works on the map are underway what's planned I intend to model the Hospital soon There will also be a new model for Fire Department Station/Base All additional units & equipment is ready and added in the game As I already mentioned Pol
  8. Got Deluxe I got this " trust me Unit
  9. U P D A T E I have a toothache "nothing terrible" I count on your support when I do all the mods myself now everything is going very well "I have reduced the number of units in the game" and now I can "complete the mod for you faster x2 new complete units (video) I invite you to watch #Regards TheVolume  #Enjoy
  10. Unfortunately not, but you can create them yourself after release" Well You mean " Want to help with the Mod"
  11. U P D A T E (Real Life Units vs Replicas Game Units) How close police units in game looks like too real life units & Final decision when comes to police units setup before realise This is the final setup & you can see changes (See Pic) We know information what lighting we will see in Swedish Mod Rotatory Lights / Strobes Lights / Halogen Lights / Led Lights Notice ! ---- (Swedish Mod is set betwen 2005-2012 All units is come from this years) --- Notice! 5 Units is Comfrimed Another news - it was to much police units and they d
  12. U P D A T E Rare Volvo XC70 Police Cruiser (Equipped with Vista Lightbar) Clip presents x3 types of lighting & sirens - PULL OVER - SCENE - FLASH All " Functions & Cruiser are available in Swedish Mod for you all to use Last update for police units "no longer wastes time on different settings for all police cruisers This configuration is official) Next official clip & setup for the next Police cruiser (Volkswagen Passat Alltrack) will be available soon) #Regards TheVolume #Enjoy Thanks lukas Halogen
  13. U P D A T E First pic how ambulances looks like " Note " Not all EMS Units its shown" "Modern and Classic" #Regards TheVolume #Enjoy
  14. U P D A T E "My Dears Viewers" Small presentation "in this episode" Police and Ambulances " More to come soon" Next " episode you all will see the Fire Department in Action" #Regards TheVolume #Enjoy
  15. Volvo Power http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_tongue.png " You will see more cop cars http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png Yes very good Albin http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
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